• Design debates: Trends that are preparing us for the coming year

    Contemporary Livingroom by m2project

    On the theme of trends in interior design, we decided to raise the issue quite broadly: which tendencies will gain strength in 2017?

    New space
    How, in principle, understand the living space at the turn of 2016-2017? Do you have your own trends here? World trends are now minimalism, environmental friendliness and function. People have become more mobile, less and less time is spent at home. They collect not things, but impressions, travels. Traditions are still strong in Russia, but slowly they are changing. Therefore, the requirements for housing have become different

    by Architectural Studio Ruetemple

    Crystal tableware cupboards are no longer needed because it is not used most often. Do not need large desks and cabinets, do not need tables for telephones. Ladies refuse to dressing tables, because there is no time to sit behind them. Not even a large apartment is required, because for a person who rarely visits the house, 30 square meters is enough for a comfortable stay.The “present” begins to come to the forefront of life: sleep, food, hygiene and information

    Modern Wardrobe by Surfaces and Objects

    Classic Laundry by VanBrouck & Associates, Inc.

    Comfortable life
    On the other hand, according to experts, a request is being formed for a more practical and convenient space adapted for life, and not for making an impression.

    In the planning, the organization of economic zones comes to the fore, which occupy more space in the apartment. If space permits, then there are utility rooms, laundry room, storerooms for household preparations or wine

    Modern Dining Room by ARCH.625

    Another trend: the increasing integration of furniture, appliances and other items in the decoration, the theme of the interior as a backdrop for life and a few notable things. The doors of the built-in wardrobes are made similar to wall panels. Kitchen appliances and equipment are cleaned or built in such a way that they are not visible when they are not used.

    Modern Kitchen by m2project

    Perhaps this is due to the fact that life has become so saturated with various things and instruments. And the house began to look crowded. Built-in large furniture solves this issue completely - hiding small things behind its facades and visually turning into an element of wall decoration.Thus, we leave space and background for several design objects that can give personality and chic.

    Modern Baby Room by DVEKATI

    New comfort
    Coming to a common denominator in interior design can be difficult. But it happens. So, many experts we interviewed mentioned a trend that can be called a “course for naturalness” - with appropriate materials, live plants, “mini-towns”, etc. In short, everything that performs a compensatory function in an era of the increasing role of technology and technology in our of life. And helps to create comfort in the modern space.

    by Tayana Zhuravleva / "In the House. For the City"

    Scandinavian by Holly Marder

    Another trend is the appearance of hand-made objects, made by hand, in a single copy or in small batches. Ethnic and handicraft production, seemingly long forgotten, revived

    Country Dining by Lavka-Design

    This also includes the use in the interior of items inherited from parents and grandparents. Moreover, many things of this type still serve excellently. As well as things made on the principle of recycling and upsikeling (secondary consumption and creative rethinking of old things). Everything that in its own way reflects the desire for environmental friendliness and rational consumption.

    Fusion Living Room by Yuri Grishko

    Fusion Cabinet by Korneev Design Workshop

    Another interesting way to bring "life" into the interior of the experts is referred to as "hooliganism". Even in the most strict interior, no, no, and you will find a completely frivolous piece of furniture, an accessory or a decoration element. Some punk-style armchair or a barely noticeable mouse hole in the corner of the room behind the door

    Fusion Living Room by Lumens & Wood

    New metal
    And now let's talk about the details. Experts advise to pay attention to copper and brass. The yellow metals of beautiful shades in the plumbing or furnishing of furniture act as an alternative to podnadoevshim options like traditional gold or "white" metals. The colors of copper in the interiors I really like! Something new, stylish and at the same time cozy. Excellent replacement of gold in our opinion

    It is great to diversify the combination and gives room for imagination, after chromium has become clogged

    Fusion Bedroom by Ariana Ahmad Interior Design

    Modernism by Dulux

    New color
    Experts advise to look at fashionable green, blue-green hues, rich deep, as well as the dark palette as a whole (up to black). One of the main color trends continue to call gray in all its manifestations. But beige looses its position a little and began to meet less often.

    Fusion Living Room by Tatyana Kharchenko

    What about classics and historical styles?
    Trend trends, but on the agenda will always be the good old and eternal. Among wealthy people, classical images will always mutate. The classic legacy is the most enduring

    Modern by Honey Bee Interiors

    Indeed, a request for timeless interiors (this direction is also denoted by the term timeless) will always exist. But here you can select your trends. Traditions rethink and try to organically link with modern life. Many designers began to turn to historical traditional styles, some - to study them in detail and thoughtfully.

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