• Designers propose to replace the familiar many table-book on a different design

    A small room is always a challenge for the designer. After all, all those functions that should perform a full-fledged housing should be provided in a limited area. And folding furniture can become a real wand-zashchalochkoy.

    Folding table is useful in any room. You can use it in the kitchen or dining room, organize a temporary workplace or use it as storage space. At a time when the free space will be more important, the table is folded against the wall or retracted into the closet.

    A folding table or a secretary can be an alternative to a writing table in the nursery. The child will be forced to keep all his school supplies in order, because in order to fold the lid, it must be freed from unnecessary things.

    A table with a hinged lid works great in a duet with a folding bed or couch.The same space can be used for work during the day and for rest in the evening and at night.

    In the kitchen, a folding table can have several variations. First, a table that can be resized can be used for a small or large company. Secondly, in a small kitchen, it can create a dining area when cooking is completed.

    Folding tables will be an excellent option for a small cafeteria. They are easy to remove to regroup furniture, for example for a banquet. In addition, in a room with tables without legs, it is easier to make daily cleaning.

    Invaluable small folding table as a place of work for a seamstress or needlewoman. Here you can arrange the necessary materials for creativity, and ensure a large working surface. When the needlework is finished, everything is easily removed and does not interfere with other family members.

    With the help of a long folding table you can organize a small bar area. Folding chairs will complete the picture.

    The folding table will be convenient option of the organization of a workplace. In distinguished from a stationary computer desk, it does not clutter up the space, and can be removed.It is best to use a laptop on such a desk, and not a desktop computer.

    When folded, such a table will play the role of a small decorative shelf.

    Folding tables of a large size fit perfectly into the dining room of an educational institution or enterprise. If necessary, the spacious hall can be used for other purposes.

    Folding table for the living room has long come into use. Familiar to many table-book, which most of the time stood in the apartments in the folded state, only a few times a year receiving guests, today designers suggest replacing them with other designs. For example, a folding table, which when folded, serves as a small shelf.

    Or the original design, transforming into a large wall mirror. The wooden frame turns into stable legs.

    For a country house, you can offer a massive structure that includes a large table and two benches. When folded, the set turns into an interesting decor for the walls. This option is best used for spacious rooms or verandas.

    Folding table can be disguised as a small hinged locker.With this technique, it can be placed in the place where sometimes you need easy access. For example, near the window or near the balcony door.

    You can equip one or a couple of tables and the balcony itself. In the cold season, the furniture is easily removed.

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