• Have you found your calling?

    The question of vocation can arise at any age, regardless of status, age or social status, each person strives for happiness, and it can be achieved fully only when it turns out to be fully realized. How to find your vocation? How to find out which of the existing paths is correct?

    These questions occupied and continue to occupy more than one generation of people, while it is completely unimportant when you ask them - at 15 or 45. Of course, the earlier, the better and easier to achieve tangible results, but even in older age, there is no nothing shameful.

    What is wrong with trying to change your life for the better? Often, to cope with this issue and find the absolutely right solution - oh, how difficult it is, sometimes it doesn’t take that day or months, in whole years of life!

    We study at school, then we enter a university, choose a specialty, and then we try to get a job in the chosen profession, choose better paid positions, strive for the best, for stability.Perhaps we are seeking stability, but is man fully happy?

    Here the question of vocation comes up again, with new force overlapping emotions and thoughts. A person can call himself happy to the full only when he is engaged in his favorite work, from which he receives energy and inspiration, and they help to enjoy life.

    What prevents you from finding yourself?

    If you still do not know how you can find your calling in life, then reading this article will do you good. Finding your right path - and following it with confidence - this is the secret of a prosperous and happy life at the same time. But only to find it can not all, maybe just badly tried? What prevents a person from finding his vocation?

    Most often, this is fear and insecurity, because in order to find something of your own, you will have to part with, albeit with the unloved, but usual work that brought a steady income.

    We will have to plunge into something new and unknown, and it’s far from a fact that the attempt will be successful. And many have family, children, duties ... But the situation is such that, if you don’t try anything, then it’s just impossible to change yourself and your life, so you have to take risks.

    Another problem is the lack of consistency of actions. Even if a person decides to try something new, he often does not allocate the necessary amount of time for this process. He begins to grab for different things, switching between them and, as soon as the first wave of enthusiasm falls, he throws all his undertakings, without having achieved the first results.

    As a result - complete disappointment in yourself and your strengths. Remember, to achieve something, you must go to the end, and as soon as you achieve the first glimpses, you will feel a surge of energy that can provide you with a full supply of energy for all further accomplishments.

    How to find your destination?

    You can read a lot of books, listen to a lot of advice from "knowledgeable" people, but never be able to decide on your desires and thoughts.

    The simplest test, which, by the way, is offered to schoolchildren before entering a higher education institution, is the following: take a piece of paper and a pen, turn off the music, social networks and try to concentrate fully on the task.

    Write on a sheet of 30 traits of your character, with it, both positive and negative, the more they will be, the better. For example, you are very emotional, in the company of friends - this is good, but in the workplace somewhere in the office - perhaps not very. Write, all you remember, you can ask for help from loved ones.

    In a separate column write down everything that you can and, most importantly, love to do. For example, drive well, draw in the evenings or have a good understanding of site building.

    Try to write out, as much as possible, your skills and interests, it may even include what you liked to do in childhood or, for example, what you would like to do, but have not tried.

    Then you will need to cross out those activities and hobbies that you do only in mood, as well as those that you would hardly be able to do all your life. Now compare the list of your strengths and skills, think which ones can be used, in your opinion, in specific areas.

    And it does not even matter if you have a desire to do something, but you do not have enough talents and skills, all this can be developed and increased. And now, the most important thing to do is to try!

    In this case, do not hesitate to use any chances and opportunities that fall in life, try to extract the maximum benefit from them and, on one of the wonderful days, you realize that at last you have found exactly what you need! Strive and everything will work out!

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