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    Diet Tarasova

    A famous figure skating coach, Tatiana Tarasova, shared a very interesting diet with her fans. Over the past seven months, she has helped her lose almost thirty kilos! It was noticed by everyone who at least sometimes watches TV. Excess weight not only spoiled the appearance of a famous skater and coach, but also had a bad effect on her health. And she turned to a nutritionist. Tatyana Tarasova's diet is very simple and consists in the fact that during the day you should eat at least five times, the size of the serving should be the size of a glass or the palm of an adult. If you use the Tarasova diet, then you should not eat after six in the evening. Your diet should be a lot of vegetables and fruits. Particular attention should be paid to fluids. Every day before each meal you need to drink two glasses of water. Thus, the feeling of hunger will be dulled, and you just can not eat a lot. In general, for the whole day you need to drink at least two liters of water. That is exactly what Tatyana Tarasova did.Her diet was extremely effective.

    It is also important to completely eliminate from consumption: sweets, chocolate, cakes, in general, all sweet and flour. Replace them with any fruits and vegetables. Another principle of Tatyana Tarasova�s diet is that overeating is strictly forbidden, and it�s impossible to overeat even those products that, it would seem, do not contain calories, for example, cucumbers. An example of a daily diet where the Tarasova diet is applied in front of you:

    • Breakfast. Two glasses of water. Twenty minutes later, eat a boiled egg, a sandwich with whole grain bread and cheese, drink a cup of coffee without sugar or tea with lemon without sugar.
    • Lunch. Two glasses of water. Eat a banana and an apple. You can drink a cup of tea.
    • Dinner. Two glasses of water. After twenty to thirty minutes, eat chicken soup with potatoes and rice. On the second: a salad of fresh cucumbers and cabbage, and a small piece of fish baked in the oven. Drink fruit compote. A little later, eat an apple or pear.
    • High tea Half an hour later, after two glasses of water, drink a glass of milk, a little later, eat a tomato salad, seasoned with olive oil and a slice of black bread
    • Dinner. Two glasses of water.A piece of meat, steamed or baked in the oven, salad of any vegetables, dressed with low-fat sour cream. Drink a cup of tea and eat a slice of cheese.

    Do not forget about the size of servings and the time of the last meal. Watch your diet and follow the basic principles, then proper nutrition will become your lifestyle. Remember that for weight loss is not just a diet. Exercise regularly, walk, swim, do exercises in the morning, get enough sleep. These simple rules helped Tatiana Tarasova get rid of extra pounds.

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