• Dimples: What do they mean?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    March 5, 2013
    Dimples: What do they mean?

    It is believed that if Cupid kisses the baby at birth, then dimples appear on the ground of kisses. Perhaps that is why they believe that dimples are a sign of good luck and love. Dimples on what cheeks mean? Sensuality, temperament and impressionability. They give a person a special charm. They say that such people pulls. In addition, they seek independence, are very active in life and friendly.

    Where did the dimples come from?

    Physiognomy for a long time do not argue where the dimples on the cheeks. It has already become clear that the “hollows” are a genetic defect, or rather, the special structure of the zygomatic muscle (“the muscles of laughter”). When a person is in a relaxed state, dimples are imperceptible, and appear when a person smiles or laughs. Their appearance is genetically determined. Dimples cannot be trained, and neither yoga, nor ginger will help to get rid of them. Although surgeons perform plastic surgery to create dimples on the cheeks. But the long-term effect is not yet known (with age, the elasticity of the skin decreases and even the “natural” dimples disappear).

    Superstitions and character of the person on dimples

    Some argue that girls with dimples are sexy, even men pay more attention to them. In addition, a person with a pronounced dimple on the right cheek - mobile, sociable, quickly switches from one type of activity to another. On the contrary, if the dimple clearly stands out on the left, then the person quickly adapts to new conditions, is constant, exists in an imaginary world.

    In general terms, people with dimpled cheeks prefer entertainment and luxury. They are generous, artistic, proud, always ready to help. But also “hollows” testify to despotism, authoritarianism and vanity. Dimples on the cheeks of the guys also enjoy the attention of the female half. But more attention is attracted by the dimple on the chin. She symbolizes a strong and confident man. Who does not dream of this? This fighter with a strong character, moreover, appreciates women, although often spoiled by their attention. But some have a duplicity: such people achieve their goals by any means, and are capable of cunning and obstinacy.

    Dimple locations

    Dimples can be both on the cheeks and chin, and on the lower back, nose and even on the forehead. For example, a dimple on the tip of the nose symbolizes plasticity, susceptibility, impermanence. The owner of such a dimple is undisciplined, impulsive, dreamy. He appreciates family comfort, is not self-sufficient, selfish. Despite this, people with a dimple on the tip of the nose have a will, resistant to stress. They are also lazy and slow, scattered and hysterical. In general, people with dimples (anywhere) are friendly and loving. They stand out from the crowd not with “defects”, but with positive emotions.

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