• Sorter beads DIY

    And what if these are interesting and original games that will help your child learn colors? But what if you make this material with your own hands is not at all difficult and not at all expensive?

    When we learn colors, you can try to work out with your child using bright colorful fluffy gum, which are wired, and different color beads with large holes.

     Bead sorter with own hands

    Bead sorter with own hands

    Put in front baby container with beads and fluffy wires and offer to play s You can string the beads of the same color on the same color wire - you get an unusual caterpillar. Or to put beads of a certain color on a wire of a different shade. Having bent the ends, you receive a bracelet; a boy can make a bracelet for his mother or grandmother, and a girl can do it for himself too.

    Such activities:

    • contribute to the development of fine work of the baby’s fingers
    • reinforce the knowledge of colors
    • improve the child’s sensory perception
    • develop his imaginationand perseverance
     Games with beads

    Games with beads

    Also it is possible to prepare in advance the scheme of the arrangement of the beads on various shaggy wires, sketching it on paper. Let the kid try to make the same "caterpillar", looking at the picture. Interestingly, if the child himself first prepares several schemes, and then on them will connect the wires and beads, pronouncing aloud the names of the colors used in the work.

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