• DIY gift paper decor

    What to do with beautiful wrapping paper, which after the holidays in the house remains a whole heap?

    Do not rush to throw it away before you see these photos. We have prepared for you many ideas for its application!

    1. "Outfit" for shoe boxes

    Ordinary shoe boxes wrapped in gift paper are transformed into an original and practical item for storing photographs, stationery and other small gizmos, and are worthy of taking place on open shelves.

    2. Style the shelves and refresh the drawers of the dresser.

    You are going through the drawers of the dresser with bright paper; you not only refresh the furniture, but also create an incentive to maintain order.

    3. Decorating packages with goodies.

    To create a festive mood, it is not necessary to wait for special dates. Going to visit friends or relatives, take with you a present, putting it in an elegant package or wrapper. You can take care of the decoration in advance and make blanks for applications.If you got trampled paper, it can be slightly smoothed with a warm iron.

    4. Original book wrappers

    It is not necessary to wrap up all the books, enough one or two to create bright accents in the interior

    5. Wrapping paper can be used to decorate shelves made from drawers.

    6. The organization of space in the drawers of the dresser and on the desk

    Cornflakes boxes, cans, and toilet paper sleeves are transformed when they are slightly “dressed up.” They can be used for storing pencils, scissors and organizing space in drawers.

    7. Instead of pictures

    Monochromatic painted wall can be decorated with gift paper, placing it in the frame.

    Since the paper pieces are quite variegated and bright, it is recommended to choose frames of the same color.

    8. Colorful wallpaper

    From the elegantly selected pieces of wrapping paper you can make colorful "patchwork" wallpaper

    9. Festive inscriptions and decorations

    Paper garland

    Original "napkins" for treats.

    10. Wall boards for papers

    Boards with metal clips, decorated with wrapping paper, can be placed on the wall.They are very convenient to keep in mind reminders and notes.

    11. Beautiful paper vases

    They are useful for storing small things and sweets. To make paper vases, you need to choose the appropriate shape of the dish, wrap it with a thin plastic film and glue the pieces of paper. Then the product should be allowed to dry for a day. Inside the vase can be covered with paint.

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