• Do ferns bloom?

    Irina Gromyak
    Irina Gromyak
    February 13, 2013
    Do ferns bloom?

    If we remember the holiday of Ivan Kupala, then by itself, the legend of a fern, which should bloom on the night before this holiday, is immediately recalled. The myths that are tied to this flower, many inspired hope to find it, and become happy. But not everything in life is just like in a legend.

    Flower of happiness

    Fern flower blooms only in folk tales, but in fact you will not find a flowering fern bush. In them, reproduction takes place by spores, and not by seeds, which are formed after flowering. Spores are located on the back of the sheet. Another fern can be propagated by dividing the root into parts. Fern spores appear and ripen when other flowers bloom.

    Whether the fern blooms is not often thought by young people when they were looking for a flower. He settled their hope for happiness. A lot of folk songs are folded about fern. People say “heat-color” to him, because in the legends about his flower they say that it has a red color. But if you look in more detail, then the ancient legend has its foundation.The prince and crescent are two rare fern species that exist in nature. They have brush-like flowers. But these are not flowers at all, but sporangia, in which disputes persist, and in dry weather they open up.

    Everyone who lives or often happens in the forest often noticed its beautiful leaves. There are more than eleven thousand species of ferns and they are distributed throughout the Earth. Once these were giant plants, but these species have not survived to this day. Now the decorative fern has settled in our homes and feels great here.

    Does the fern bloom? Anyway, we believe in legends, believe in all good things and know that sooner or later our desires will come true. So, let's believe in this wonderful flower of a fern, which brings happiness to someone, someone good luck, and someone a happy love for life.

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