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    Sleep Arrow - Why Dream?

    The person who saw a bow and arrows in a dream clearly sees the goal and knows how to achieve it. And he will certainly succeed. It is bad if you dream that an arrow flies in your direction. This is a warning that a conflict is brewing, participation in which cannot be avoided.

    Dream Dream Thelomena

    The arrow symbolizes the coming changes for the better. If your arrow hits a target, it means that in the near future you will achieve what you have been striving for. The wound received from hitting an arrow in you promises quarrels and conflicts.

    Breaking an arrow means quickly experiencing great frustration or disappointment. Find arrows - to undergo persistent advances from a person who you do not like.

    Family Dream

    Take arrows in your hand - experience the pleasure of an exciting journey. In the near future troubles will bypass you. Arrows in your hands - this is the harbinger of holidays and entertainment.

    Broken arrows in a dream promise disappointment in personal life and at work.If you personally broke the arrow, then do not look for the culprit of trouble. They are the result of your rash actions and words.

    Archery - to set a goal. To get to the target - to reach the plan in the near future. If arrows fly at you, it means that you will be subjected to unreasonable attacks from friends or colleagues. To be wounded in a dream by an arrow and to see blood is to receive an undeserved insult from a loved one.

    Old arrows with rusty tips indicate that you are too slow to make an important decision on which your plans depend.

    Female dream book

    If in a dream the arrow is in the hands of a man - it means that soon a new fan will seek your favor.

    A dream in which you see an arrow in your own hands means that you have an object of matrimonial plans, for which you will make maximum efforts.

    Broken arrows - frustration with a partner. Perhaps you need a little rest from each other. Hiding from flying arrows - be subjected to slander.

    To find an arrow in a dream - a warning about the appearance of a new fan, whose wooing will be unpleasant to you.

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