• Everything for tourism right in the capital

    We decided to go fishing or go hunting? Or maybe just go hiking with friends? In any case, you will need special equipment that will provide comfort and replace many household items. All the most necessary and many pleasant things you can find on the website of the store "Expedition". We have long won great popularity among avid travelers and lovers of outdoor activities.

    And here, not only the quality and adequate prices for all products, but also always a positive approach to all products played a role. Our pillows, mugs, hunting matches, hiking games and other products will help to charge with additional positive and good mood even in difficult moments.

    Heat like home

    And so you took the risk of leaving the cozy house and went to meet with the mountains, or maybe not with the mountains, but went on a night fishing. In each of the situations it is necessary to sleep somewhere. Yes, and I want to do it with the greatest possible comfort.And if it is late autumn or early winter, and maybe even winter? There is no time for jokes and you need something extremely warm. We suggest you to buy one of the sleeping bags from our partners. On the site you can find models for any time of the year.

    Some withstand up to -28 degrees, so a good sleep in almost home heat is provided. The use of modern materials allows the sleeping bag to withstand many years of active use, do not let cold air pass through fastenings, keep heat and do not collect moisture. For winter, models in the form of cocoons are especially popular. They do not unfasten completely and thereby save more heat, and there is a hood for the head.

    Lighter versions of sleeping bags are unbuttoned to blankets, can be shaped like cocoons or straight. Our help will be an excellent way out for residents of the capital. To buy a sleeping bag, especially for business people, can turn into a whole problem. And our staff will take care of the delivery of goods directly to your home.

    Above ground

    For a pleasant stay closer to home, for example, at a country cottage or on the beach, you can safely take hammocks.This amazing solution for sleep has been around for hundreds of years. What would seem to be easier than to fasten the fabric between the two supports and you can rest.

    Today, hammocks have reached a new level, and who else but we know a lot about such things. The hammocks presented in the “Expedition” store catalog are made of modern, very durable and at the same time light materials, reliable fastenings withstand quite a lot of weight, even an anti-mosquito net is provided for protection against various insects.

    A hammock in Kiev can be bought, both in our stores around the city, and on the site itself. All models are universal and can be used in any conditions, whether it is a garden, a summer residence or a trip closer to nature in the warm season.

    This is no longer a dream on the ground, where an accidentally missed cone or a small twig guarantees a princess's sleep on a pea. In a hammock, you can completely relax, take the most comfortable position for you, and maybe remember your childhood.

    Light wiggle, as in a cradle will speed up sleep. Do not miss your chance to become the owner of excellent equipment for all occasions, excellent mood and positive charge.

    You can buy various knives, kettles, torches and hunting matches in just a few seconds, without interrupting your work or leaving your home. Go to the catalog, choose everything you need and make an order. For our part, we guarantee delivery and respect for your order during transportation.

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