• Fitness knitted set (top, bodice, shorts and skirt)

    Fitness knitted set - knit crochet top, bodice, shorts and skirt. The set is wonderful and convenient, both for playing sports, and for going to the beach. Parts of the set can be worn separately, for example, the bodice and shorts or the bodice and skirt, or be worn with other clothes.

    Materials and tools:

    for top:

    1. Forever Sim yarn (96% microfiber, 4% metallic, 280 m / 50 g) - 100 grams of steel color, Comfort Stretch yarn (90% premium micro acrylic, 10% polyester / stretch, 193 m / 50 g) 10 grams of black color;
    2. 2 plastic rings 38 mm;
    3. 4 rings 28 mm, 2 rings 25 mm, 2 rings 19 mm

    for the skirt:

    1. yarn "Assol" (100% cotton, 500 m / 50 g) - 100 g white;

    for bodice:

    1. Forever Sim yarn - 50 grams of steel color, Comfort Stretch yarn - 30 grams of black color;
    2. hat gum - 150 cm;

    for shorts:

    1. Comfort Stretch yarn - 250 grams of dark blue ­gocolor,ComfortStretch-10gramsofwhitecolor;
    2. 6 pcs. wooden beads, 5 pcs. white beads;

    hook number 1.75.


    1. rev. - air loop;
    2. Art.b / n - column without nakida;
    3. Art. s / n - double crochet;
    4. Art. c / 2n. - column with two naquids.



    Pattern Description

    Knitting description

    Before starting work we make patterns of all products in full size.


    Before: we pick up a steel thread with a chain of air pressure 45 cm long and knit a pattern of "cells": * 5 elev. p., 1 tbsp. C / 2n, 5 ex., 1 tbsp. s / 2n *. We knit * - * to the end of the row. Then we expand the product and continue to knit: 2 air, 1 tbsp. c / 2n (the column is tied to the top of the lower column and to the arch from the elevation). Further we knit according to the scheme: * 5 air, 1 tbsp. s / 2n *, repeat * - * until the end of the series. We knit such a pattern with 30 cm.

    Warning! In each 5th row we knit one cell out of 5 tbsp. s / n, alternating in this row after 4 empty. Next, add 5 cm for 2 times (ie, in each row on both sides add a cell). We knit another 15 cm. We do not leave the mouth, because the shoulders will be interconnected by rings.


    We knit similarly to the front.


    We tie the rings with a black thread. We sew halves of the top along the side seams and sew rings, starting with the largest and ending with the small ones. 15 cm shoulder line, 25 cm left at the armhole for the neckline.


    We knit from top to bottom a thread in two additions.

    Start knitting with a white thread. Recruiting a chain of vozd.p. 72 cm long and closes in a circle. Next, we knit 33 cm according to scheme 1. This scheme for the expansion of the product, so all the increases are strictly according to the scheme. Next, we make a 5-fold drawstring from a black thread and stretch it into the waist of the skirt.


    Start knitting with a blue thread. We recruit a chain of 180 children. and closes in a circle. Next, we divide the product in half, marking the separation points with a thread of contrasting color. Continue knitting in a circle: before knitting art. b / n, and the back - st. s / n In the third row we knit a row with holes for a lace as follows: alternate 2 columns, 2 aerial. and so on until the end of the circle. We continue the uneven knitting of another 4 cm in order to level the fit of the product. After 4 cm we continue to work on the circle of Art. s / n Then we start adding: 1 circle - 20 tbsp. s / n (in the 21st column we knit 2 columns, so to the end of the row). Circle 2 - 25 UF. c / n (in the 26th column we sew 2 posts). Then we knit, without additions and increments of 24 cm.


    We collect 20 loops, knit 3 rows and add 1 loop on each side to a height of 4 cm.The crotch back knit, starting the addition from the first row.


    Gently sew the gusset to the shorts. Then each knit shorts knit separately in a circle. We impose 2 circular rows of white thread, the last row we sew with a blue thread. White thread knit lace "caterpillar" 120 cm long, stretch it into the cells on the belt. We put three wooden beads on the ends of the cord. We decorate the shorts with imitation pockets. To do this, we take a thread of white color, a needle and embroider a pocket with a seam "loop in a loop". Knit with 3 chains of air. 5 cm long, we put white beads on the ends. Sew the chains to the valve pocket.


    Before starting work, we make a full-size part pattern.

    We begin knitting with steel thread. For one cup, type 24 loops and knit according to the 2 15 cm scheme, then make holes for the lace according to the same principle as on the shorts. We will attach the black thread to the upper edge of the cup and knit the straps in pattern 3, gradually reducing the width of the strap to 3 cm.

    We knit the openwork straps to the desired length. We finish the second cup in the same way. We connect the edges of the straps on the back.To tie the steel thread in 6 additions, we knit a cord and pull it into the holes along the bottom edge of the bodice, connecting the cups to each other.

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