• Decoration of a flower pot

    Perhaps, every housewife after cooking dinner remains eggshell, which inevitably falls into the trash. But you can show imagination, and this unnecessary material will be an excellent decor for many things. Eggshell can decorate vases, photo frames, jewelry boxes, make paintings. We will make a beautiful unusual flower pot. For work we will need: 1. Directly the flower pot itself. This may be an ordinary plain or shabby pot, a can of mayonnaise or an old plastic bucket. 2. Eggshell. 3. Clay PVA. 4. Brushes for applying glue and varnish. 5. Construction varnish. First of all it is necessary to stock up with the main means - the shell. It comes from boiled eggs and raw. The colors can also be different: from white to light brown. And it is even necessary that there be a shell of different colors in order to make the picture look more effective.First, you need to prepare the egg shells. To do this, immediately after using the eggs, pour the shell in warm water for about 2 hours in some container.
     Egg shell
    This is done so that the inner one is well separated from the shell. film.
    separating films
    After removing the film, throw it away, and lay the shell on a towel and let it dry thoroughly.
     letting it dry
    During the preparation process it can sometimes it turns out that small pieces of shells break off. We do not throw them away, they will also be very useful. By the way, it is more convenient to work with small pieces. An important condition of the process is that the surface to be decorated must be cleaned beforehand and dried. We clean it and degrease with alcohol or nail polish remover.
     wipe the pot
    So, everything is ready, proceed to applying the pieces of eggshell to your chosen product.Apply PVA glue with a brush and apply in small portions to a small section of the pot. We work with small areas, as the glue dries very quickly. We take a piece of the shell, smear it with glue and apply it to the surface of the product, pressing it down a little. You need to press so that the shell cracks. You can do this directly with your finger, as well as using a toothpick or a match. Then distribute the pieces a small distance from each other.
     glue the shells
    In the process of manufacturing we show imagination and imagination. You can alternate dark pieces of the shell with light to get an unusual pattern.
     a small distance from each other
    To make the shell more secure, top cover with glue.
    we cover with glue
    As soon as we glue the shells onto the entire surface, let the pot dry well for 24 hours. Then gently cover the product with varnish for exterior and interior works.For the best effect, you can choose varnish with any shade, such as "Oak".
     exterior and interior varnish
    If the surface to be decorated is small, for example, a frame for photos, then we can fix the shell and just nail polish. The work is done.
    Flower decoration

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