• Flower with two tiers

    Often seeing beautiful hairpins for girls on sale, we wonder how you can create such beauty. But in fact, everything is very simple. For example, here is a flower in the kanzashi technique, which can then be glued to the invisible being, and made with a hairpin, very simple and fast.
    kanzashi with two tiers

    For such a flower, you will need a number of items: satin ribbon 5 cm wide. Turquoise, satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide. green, lighter, scissors, glue, decorative bead.
    kanzashi with two tiers
    Prepare equal lengths of green ribbon 2.5 x 8 cm. You will need 5 pieces in total.
    kanzashi with two tiers
    Singe on both sides, and fold each piece in half in half.
     kanzashi with two tiers
    When you pull the thread and tie in a tight knot,then get the first flower.
     kanzashi with two tiers
    For the second flower need the same squares measuring 5 x 5 cm. 5 such squares will be enough. Fold the square in half diagonally.
     kanzashi with two tiers
    Then, fold again in half.
    kanzashi with two tiers
    Fold in half and tanning the tip and the back part on the fire, you will get a sharp petal (the back part is well soldered so that the layers do not diverge). But we need an inverted petal, and therefore we turn out our detail, and we get the petal we need.
     kanzashi with two tiers
    That's all 5 petals.
     Kanzashes with two tiers
    Glue them together. These are the two details you should have.
     kanzashi with two tiers
    The first tier will be green petals,glue turquoise petals on them.
     kanzashi with two tiers
    It remains to stick a decorative bead of a contrasting color in the middle, and the little flower is ready. >
    Kanzash with two tiers
    Now, you yourself became convinced that it was easy to make such a flower.
     ka zashi two-tiered

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