• Flowers for vertical gardening - annual and perennial

    Ipomoea is a very ornamental plant. Liana rushes far upwards, so she necessarily needs support. If you have a net fence, this is what you need. Plant the seeds near it, and soon the plant will turn it into a picturesque hedge. Against the background of green leaves, funnel-shaped flowers look amazing, casting a white, pink, red, purple hue. Some varieties of Ipomoea have a light framed flower in the form of a border or white stripes.

    You can put ipomoea under the arch, near the pergola. With such supports, the plant also looks amazing.

    If you want not only to please the eye, but also to inhale wonderful aromas, plant sweet peas next to the morning glory or elsewhere. The germinated seed quickly turns into a strong tall plant, and then bright buds appear that pleasantly smell sweet.

    Kobeya is also a strong and tall plant.It will delight with purple flowers and be able to hide behind its bright greenery and beautiful blossoming buds the unsightly wall of the barn, braid the fence from the grid and close you from the curious eyes of passersby and neighbors.

    Seeds of all these plants are sown immediately in open ground, without growing seedlings. They are soaked for 6 hours in a damp cloth. Longer this is not worth it, because then the seeds are sodden and become unsuitable for germination.

    Then they are planted in a permanent place, to a depth of 1 cm. Plants will delight all summer. But the ipomoea does not withstand even zero temperature, therefore, with the onset of night early-autumn frosts, it dies. It is possible to save plants if it is good to shed the soil under the vines from the evening and cover them with a film or non-woven material.

    The above flowers are annuals. If you want to plant around vertical supports plants that will be decorative for several years, pay attention to climbing roses and clematis. For the winter, they will need to be removed from supports, sprinkle root collar with peat, cover with dry foliage, spruce leaves or nonwoven fabric. In such conditions, clematis, roses hibernate.They bloom in early summer and show themselves in all their glory.

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