• Forged furniture in the interior. Idea photo: always beautiful and noble

    Forged furniture - a find for small spaces

    An elegant decoration will be an elegant hanger. If desired, it is easy to add an umbrella holder, an openwork shoe stand, and other functional elements.

    Forged furniture is also relevant in small kitchens or bedrooms. Lightweight and weightless, durable, stable furniture is a real find for small apartments. Its beauty is also in the fact that the metal is effectively combined with glass.

    Brutal metal fits well into the bedroom. From under the hands of the masters there are different in appearance and functionality forged items for beds.

    The intricacies of the patterns, the elegance of the lines and the deliberate lightness of the design are capable of bringing romance to the atmosphere. The presence of other furniture in the same style only enhances the effect.

    Hand-forged: when every detail is exclusive

    The beauty of furniture with elements of artistic forging lies in its grace and ability to be combined with various materials. If desired, you can choose not only the pattern, but also the color. Bronze, silver, gilding - not all options.

    The forged elements fit into the modern interior. Fancy curls give way here a place of restrained brevity and smooth transitions of curved lines.

    Do not do without wrought iron furniture in the fresh air. In the exterior, its presence is more familiar.

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