• Magnet on the Vibrant Piglet fridge

    Magnets on the fridge have become commonplace for us. This is not just a small decoration, but a part of the decor, without which today it is impossible to imagine kitchen appliances. Many collect magnets brought from other cities and countries. Some have themed magnets. But the most pleasant to the eye are hand-made magnets with meaning and soul. Today you will learn how to make a funny magnet in the form of a black pig, who will give household tips on how to handle a refrigerator and how to use the right products. Assemble the following components for operation:
    • - 2 cork stoppers;
    • - a little thin wire;
    • - awl;
    • - knife;
    • - heat gun;
    • - marker;
    • - gray threads for knitting;
    • - PVA glue;
    • - scissors;
    • - 2 black beads;
    • - magnet;
    • - one-time plastic plate;
    • - 2 toothpicks;
    • - a sheet of colored paper.
    First, let's pick up 2 cork stoppers . Let one be thick, and the second a little thinner.Still need a thin flexible wire.
     Pig magnet for a refrigerator
    In a thick cork we make 2 holes on the sides with an awl and insert into them pieces of wire 5-6 cm long.
    Tip: if the wire does not break, then use wire cutters or pliers. Cut off the second cork with a knife 2 circles. One we divide in half - these will be ears, and from the other we cut out a small circle - this is the nose of our animal.  Pig magnet for a refrigerator
    With a thermo gun we glue these parts to a large cork . It turns out the head of a pig and half of a trunk with two legs.  Pig magnet for a refrigerator Now we will use a dark gray thread, we will cover with it the torso and the legs of the animal. The thread is easily fixed on the peel with white glue. Advice: if you want to get a pink pig, then buy a thread of the appropriate shade.
     Pig magnet for a refrigerator
    Next, draw a dot on the nozzle with a marker - a penny comes out.And 2 black beads will serve as eyes.
     Pig magnet for a refrigerator
     Fridge Magnet Piglet To the back of crafts We glue a powerful round magnet and a figured lining, cut from a plastic plate. It will imitate the chinks in the refrigerator.
     Pig magnet for a refrigerator
    From color paper we cut rectangles and write several slogans. For example, "Enough to eat after 6 pm!", "If you often open a refrigerator, you will become like me!", "There is nothing tasty here." We stick 2 toothpicks on each side.
     Pig magnet for a refrigerator
    Toothpicks fasten slogans to the legs of a pig.
     Fridge Magnet Piglet
    Now it only remains to place the magnet on the refrigerator.
     Fridge Magnet Senoko
     Piglet Fridge Magnet
    You can change the inscriptions periodically to draw guests' attention to the craft.
     Fridge Magnet
     Fridge Magnet Piglet
    This is an interesting magnet with meaning you can make from different junk material. Leave it to yourself or present it to friends who have a good sense of humor.

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