• Funny Kitty

    Socks can make many different and interesting toys. The size and color scale in their manufacture is of great importance. The maximum size of socks for sewing, are considered teenage socks. All that more than these sizes already looks not so neat and beautiful. Although sometimes large toys look much prettier than small ones. Today we will sew a white whiskered cat from teenage socks of size 22-24. In order to sew a cat, we need: • A pair of teenage socks; • Silicone balls; • Needle with thread; • Scissors; • Black marker. For decor: • White tape - 15 cm .; • Black button - 1 pc; • Blue stones - 2pcs; • White flower; • • Black floss.

    1. We make marks on the socks with a black marker. For patterns of socks, we get the torso, muzzle and tail.
     Black on the socks
    2. We cut our socks on the markup for individualblanks.
    individual blanks
    3. We sew the head from the top and sides, and from the bottom we leave a hole for filling. We turn out the sock on the front side and fill the cat's head with holofiber. Then lowercase seam bottom of the head.
     fill the cat's head
     tighten the bottom of the head
    4. Sew the torso and leave a hole on one side. Turn the sock out of the inside out through the unfinished hole, fill the kitten's body with the prepared filler and sew the hole left with an invisible stitch.
     fill the kitten's body
    5. In the same way we sew and fill the tail.
     sew and fill the tail
    6. Then sew the head to the cat's body, and tail to the ass.
     sew head
    7. Now we proceed to decorating the kitten, namely, we sew the eyes, the nose to the eyelet with a flower glue. From a white ribbon we make a beautiful bow and tie it around a kitten’s neck.A bright pink or red bow will look more expressive.
     we tie it around the neck of the kitten
    we tie it around the neck of a kitten
     we tie it around the neck of the kitten
     we tie it around the neck of the kitten
    8. To make the cat look complete, paws need to be highlighted in black. For this we need black floss. We sew the legs upwards. To make it easier, you can draw stripes with a normal black marker.
     We sew feet upwards

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