• Garbage bags

    I have my own small shop in the Moscow region. Mostly there products are sold, but there are some household goods. I want to buy for sale garbage bags, recently they have often become interested in them. Tell me where you can buy them?
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    Answered on March 7 01:29
    If you are in Moscow, you can call at any hypermarket and buy the quantity you need. Usually in these stores a huge choice, managers will advise you on the product. Maybe, what else you will see useful for your store.
    Answered on March 7 01:33
    In order for you to not waste money and not to buy everything, you need to decide what size bags you should take for sale. It is necessary that the goods were sold, and not lay on the shelves.
    Answered on March 7 01:37
    Trash, oddly enough, is always there, whether after repair or permanently in everyday life. This is the way of life, that we constantly collect waste. Therefore, a product such as garbage bags will always be in demand.

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