• “Gogol. Beginning "and 7 more high-profile screenings of Russian classics

    On August 31, the psychological thriller of Egor Baranov “Gogol. Start". The painting is based on the works of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, one of the most mysterious and controversial Russian classics. In honor of the premiere, we decided to revise other screen versions of classical literature, which we advise you. And to make it easier to navigate, they collected some of the most successful. Enjoy!

    Little about the movie itself

    “Gogol. The Beginning is the first of four films to be shown this fall. We will see Gogol’s biography on the other hand, as if all his mystical works were based on real events. Cossacks, witches, mermaids, drowned women and other inhabitants of Dykanka are all not inventions of the writer, but his acquaintances from the other world, with whom he communicates when he plunges into his visions. Some consider it strange, others are frankly afraid.But only Nikolai Vasilievich will be able to uncover the mysterious murders of girls in the Poltava region ... Most of Gogol's screen versions received the highest marks. Let's see if Gogol. Start "continue this glorious tradition.

    The Quiet Don, 1957

    Author: Mikhail Sholokhov

    Director: Sergey Gerasimov

    Starring: Pyotr Glebov, Elina Bystritskaya, Zinaida Kirienko, Daniil Ilchenko, Lyudmila Khityaeva

    Legendary novel-epic, which had a huge impact on the development of both Russian and foreign literature, was awarded prestigious prizes (including the Nobel Prize) and received several screen versions. But critics in one voice argue that the most successful was the 1957 film. We absolutely agree with this opinion: Sergey Gerasimov put his soul into his masterpiece and showed in all colors the hardships of the life of the Don Cossacks. And the actors ... they completely conveyed the character of their book heroes, lived all their joys and sorrows. The viewer believed them, cried, sympathized. The film is very strong, and in some scenes even goosebumps run. Watch uniquely!

    Crime and Punishment, 1969

    The author: Fedor M. Dostoevsky

    Director: Lev Kulidzhanov

    Starring: Georgiy Taratorkin, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Victoria Fedorova, Yefim Kopelyan

    Only two series, and how reliably and completely they pass the classic work, which many of us hated to read in literature lessons at school. They did not understand then how vital the events of that era resonate with the present ... There was a poor student Rodion Raskolnikov. Staying in conditions of monstrous poverty in the city, which simply choked him with his dirty morality, the young man decided to kill an old woman money lender. What is he, a trembling creature or the right to have? He doesn’t have, but he did and paid the price for it ... The film shows from all sides all social sectors of society, the sufferings of the main characters and the circles of hell that each of the characters went through. Emotions overwhelming the actors make one forget that this is just a film, not real life ... The picture turned out to be gloomy, difficult, sometimes frightening, but that is what bribes - if it is colored and not so depressing, it would be difficult to feel the state of the characters.

    "12 chairs", 1971

    Authors: Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov

    Director: Leonid Gaidai

    Starring: Archil Gomiashvili, Sergey Filippov, Mikhail Pugovkin, Natalya Varley, Natalya Krachkovskaya

    How can you characterize a film made by a genius with the participation of genius actors based on a work written by geniuses? That's right - the pearl of the cinema! This is one of those films that you want to review an infinite number of times, and he will never get bored. He inspires on feats and adventures, instills faith in miracles, teaches an incredible desire for his dream (you can never give up!) And the fact that the main thing in life is freedom. Well, if such a stinker as Ostap Bender, everything turned out, why others can not? The film is not just filled with positive emotions - it gives them!


    "Heart of a Dog", 1988

    Author: Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov

    Director: Vladimir Bortko

    Starring: Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Yevgeny Evstigneev, Boris Plotnikov, Nina Ruslanova, Olga Melikhova

    The film is tinted under sepia, so from him such a strange "aftertaste". Everything is beautiful in it - the entourage of 1924, inimitable actors, moderate humor about the Soviet government, the revealed theme and full compliance with the classic work.I don’t want to break away from the film, it is so engaging, attractive. After the release on the screen, the picture immediately spread out into winged phrases, and its characters became nominal. And this once again speaks about the success of the film. And let the film adaptation be as sad as the book, the impressions of it are still the most pleasant.

    Master and Margarita, 2005

    Author: Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov

    Director: Vladimir Bortko

    Starring: Anna Kovalchuk, Alexander Galibin, Oleg Basilashvili, Vladislav Galkin, Kirill Lavrov, Alexander Filippenko

    There were many attempts to shift this work into the language of cinema, but Vladimir Bortko managed to do it better than others. He is surprisingly well given all the screen versions of the books of Mikhail Afanasyevich. The film begins, exactly the same as the book, from the meeting of two citizens at the Patriarch's Ponds. One is the chairman of MASSOLITA Berlioz, the second is the poet Ivan Bezdomny. They are very entertaining - about the unsuccessful attempt of the poet to portray Jesus. They are joined by a third type, a citizen of a mysterious appearance. His name is Woland. After the meeting with Woland, Berlioz gets under the tram (which cuts off his head), and Homeless - in the clinic for the mentally ill.And then all the fun begins ... The film, like the book, is filled with kind humor, fantastic moments, farce, an incredible love story and deep philosophy. After viewing the picture I want to read the book again!

    Morphine, 2008

    Author: Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov

    Director: Alexey Balabanov

    Starring: Leonid Bichevin, Ingeborg Dapkunaite, Andrei Panin, Sergey Garmash

    Many people doubted that Balabanov would be able to adequately make a film based on the work of a classic. And in vain! The picture turned out very vital, in the spirit of Bulgakov. Yes, maybe some moments of the work were missed (or omitted specifically), but this does not detract from the director’s merit. Balabanov managed to recreate the terrible reality of a person who has lost social orientation and a sense of reality in this world. The plot unfolds during the time of turmoil, the revolution of 1917. This is a time of high hopes and losses. A young doctor Polyakov arrives at the hospital of the county town. Struggling for the life of one of his patients, he injects himself a dose of morphine. Then, to know what a single dose could cause, the doctor wouldn’t do it exactly.

    Kuprin, 2014

    Author: Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin

    Directed by: Vladislav Furman, Andrei Eshpay, Andrei Malyukov

    Starring: Mikhail Porechenkov, Anton Shagin, Ekaterina Shpitsa, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Polina Agureeva, Maxim Averin, Anatoly Bely

    A dramatic TV movie that gathered almost all the works of Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin, and received the name of the parts after three stories: “The Pit”, “In the Dark”, “The Duel”. Each of the mini-series emotionally shows the life of the characters that came down from the pages of books. All three parts are intertwined with each other and reveal the image of the writer himself, who is not only the narrator of individual stories, but also meets the characters on his own. Each of the parts reveals the difficult fate of the characters, who want to empathize even more than after reading the books. The Pit reliably shows life in a house of tolerance and how even decent girls will become vicious and willing to do anything for a coin. In the "Darkness" viewers are shown a love triangle: Zenida - Alarin - Oznobishin. And in the “Duel” it is a question of the young second lieutenant Romashov, who with all his strength resists the injustice of the temporal world.

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