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    Today in the habitat program: we save money, take loans, borrow from relatives and friends to put on warm clothes in the winter. As a result, we are deceived and insteadmink coatslip froma rabbit, instead of a warm down jacket, there is a cold padding padded jacket, and at first glance, an expensive, good sheepskin coat spreads along the seams after the first dry cleaning. We tested on three girls in different jackets to find out which is still warmer. Learned to identify the real sheepskin from artificial. For the series “Chicken Down Jacket”, the transmission of the habitat has ripped down jackets to check what is inside and in what proportion. Now and you will learn from the transmission habitat that it is better to wear in the cold, how to distinguish furmink,a rabbitchinchillaand other animals. And how not to buywinter chicken down jacket.

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