• Halloween at school - how to spend a holiday for high school students. How to celebrate Halloween day - ideas of scenarios and costumes

    HSH-001You can not decide how to celebrate Halloween at school for high school students? We will easily solve your problem and give you some interesting and unusual ideas for scenarios.

    You can play with the guys a party in the style of "Ball of Vampires", hold a cozy, chamber "Witch sit-rounds" celebration with darkly-funny quizzes and a scary costume contest or organize improvised shooting of a video film according to a terrible gothic scenario. Each of these options is interesting in its own way and will surely evoke the brightest emotions, will give a lot of positive and will please everyone with its peculiar and savory black humor.

    How to celebrate Halloween at school - the best ideas for scenarios

    When thinking about how to celebrate Halloween at school, you should first take into account the age category of participants. If we are talking about kids from elementary school, we need simple, not too scary scenarios, more like a good fairy tale than a mystical novel. For teenagers, vampire-style events or parties arranged in the spirit of the once-mega-popular movie "The Adams Family" will be very useful. High school students and graduates of the school will surely enjoy scripts on the subject of gothic balls or parodies of the most famous modern horror films.


    • "Halloween Pumpkin Holiday"in primary school. For the event, the assembly hall or class is decorated according to the theme: in the windows put lanterns from the pumpkin, the ceiling is decorated with garlands in the form of bats, and the corners are curled with cobweb of gray paper. The wizard acts as the lead. This role is usually assigned to the class teacher, one of the parents, or a guest animator. The guys go on stage in carnival costumes, sing funny songs, dance, recite poems,answer the questions of a comic quiz and participate in contests related to the pumpkin (“Look for all the pumpkins”, “Who will eat pumpkin pie faster”, “The keeper of fire”, etc.). At the end of the matinee all the kids are awarded with sweet gifts and soft toys in the shape of a pumpkin.
    • "Halloween Vampire Ball"for teenagers. In this scenario, the hall is decorated with Gothic decorations, turning it into a gloomy mansion of Count Dracula. Boys and girls come in evening dresses, and their faces are painted with a specific makeup. Throughout the holiday, scary melodies sound, to which young people dance lyrical ball dances. In breaks there are contests for the longest fangs of the vampire and the most terrible costume. At the end of the event, by a general vote, Miss and Mister of the evening are chosen, and under the final, the winners are crowned with bone headpieces and handed the symbolic keys to the vampire castle to the children.
    • "Witch Holidays"for young people. This scenario is suitable for holding a holiday in a very close and friendly class. He successfully combines a concert program and a cozy tea party. Interesting themed dishes for the buffet are prepared by the children at home, and, before they eat, they put up for the competition terrible dishes.Sitting at the table in the familiar company of classmates, boys and girls tell horror stories, sing horror ditties and scare friends by throwing plastic spiders, toy skeletons and papier-mâché fingers on plates and chairs. Halloween ends with a vigorous incendiary disco and awarding all sorts of eerie and funny titles and titles.

    Halloween at school - a scenario for high school students for the holiday


    In order for the high school's Halloween holiday for high school students to be successful and to be remembered with the most pleasant, vivid emotions, they approach the development of the script very carefully and carefully. Of course, students are attracted to planning, because children aged 14-16 already consider themselves to be adults and want teachers to be sure of their opinion.

    The program of the script must include interesting contests and contests, giving the children the opportunity to cook a magic potion for speed, unravel the ancient spell of an ancient witch, find all the bats in a vampire castle, or perform some other action not typical of ordinary life.Here it is necessary to allow fantasy to clear up, because the more creative and unexpected the tasks will be, the more interesting they will be.

    The musical numbers included in the script are also adapted to the format of the event. Girls are offered to dance with a broom, and guys - to imitate the movements of werewolves. All this takes place in the twilight under the absolutely terrible melodies, so that those present to the depths of the soul feel the gloomy atmosphere of the holiday and get scared, not for fun, but as it should.

    Halloween at school - video holiday videos

    Many guys are filming how Halloween is going on in their schools. Looking through these videos, you can learn a lot of interesting ideas for your events and gain creative experience, which in the future will help to hold holidays more vividly, unusual and entertaining.

    Halloween at school - do-it-yourself costumes for the holiday

    In order to celebrate Halloween well in school, carefully prepare not only the script, but also select the appropriate costumes. The easiest way to do it yourself is to create a skeleton outfit for a holiday. This will require two t-shirts in white and black.On the white front, they make a conditional sketch of the spine and ribs, and then cut them out with scissors so that they make neat, even holes. The resulting mesh is worn over the whole T-shirt and complements the look with deadly makeup.


    Boys dress up in a vampire costume. To do this, they sew a classic waistcoat from rich textured fabric. A raincoat is made of shiny black material and they are lined with scarlet silk or satin. A large brooch on a ribbon or an old order is worn around a young man’s neck, and his eyes are tinted with brown and black shadows.


    Girls find old light dresses and children's white socks at home, smear them with red paint and appear to the guests and friends at school as victims of a bloodthirsty maniac.


    The most courageous high school students try on witch witch clothes or dress up in seductive hell nurses. And this is correct, since Halloween admits of all extremes and encourages the most insane and strange human fantasies. Because thinking about how to spend an unusual holiday, do not limit yourself to anything and come off to the fullest. And our advice with photos and video instructions will help make the script for Halloween in the school especially interesting and unforgettable.

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