• Heartbeat: what to do?

    Too frequent heartbeat is tachycardia. There are two types: paroxysmal tachycardia, occurs in the case of organic heart disease and sinus tachycardia, manifested as a result of an emotional surge or physical exertion. If a second type of tachycardia occurs, no treatment is required, it is enough to eliminate the causes that led to an increased heart rate. In the case of paroxysmal tachycardia, there is a sharp weakness, an increase in pressure, increased sweating, and nausea. There is a frequent heartbeat, what to do and how to deal with it? Answers to these and many other questions can be found by reading this article.

    Heart palpitations - what to do

    In order to find out whether a frequent heartbeat is primary tachycardia, it is necessary to consult with a cardiologist who will do a heart ultrasound, an echocardiogram of the heart, as well as all kinds of blood tests. If all analyzes are negative, then without a doubt we will talk about secondary tachycardia.If you have a strong heartbeat, what to do in a similar situation, consider next.

    1. If the pulse could not recover to 90 beats per minute, after taking sedatives and a quiet rest for fifteen minutes, you should call an ambulance, and then it is desirable to make a detailed examination of other organs.
    2. Often tachycardia can occur in case of low hemoglobin levels. Too low hemoglobin lowers blood circulation in the tissues; in this case, the heart muscle begins to contract rapidly in order to deliver the necessary amount of oxygen to the body. To avoid this, take vitamins such as iron and ascorbic acid.
    3. Very often, adolescents suffer from tachycardia, as they actively develop and grow, and the heart simply does not keep up with this growth. Later this process is normalized.
    4. If tachycardia has arisen at high temperature, then it is absolutely not necessary to treat it, it is believed that a heart rate increase of ten beats, in case of a temperature increase of one degree - this is absolutely normal. When the temperature returns to normal, the pulse also stabilizes.If the heartbeat causes discomfort, then take a pill of valerian.
    5. For the treatment of secondary tachycardia used drugs, soothing herbs or antidepressants. The most effective are herbal teas from mint, valerian, rosehip. Take them preferably for 3-5 months.
    6. It has been observed that rapid heartbeat may occur with the initial intake of cardiovascular drugs such as trental, aminophylline, theopec, and mildronate. This is a kind of side effects, with long-term use of these drugs, they will disappear.

    Frequent stress and exhausting physical labor can cause not only secondary tachycardia, but also more serious diseases. Try to control your emotions and not bring your body to emotional and physical exhaustion. After all, this in turn will help extend your life.

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