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    How to properly and effectively treat drug addiction?

    Rehabilitation centers for drug addicts have already gained a reputation as effective and effective ways to treat drug addiction. For a long time, drug treatment was considered a medical intervention - these are some coding methods for drug addiction, sewing, hypnosis, and so on, but as a result, experts agreed that not only the body needs to be treated (detoxification of the body, withdrawal of drugs), but also a phased recovery of the personality through psychological assistance and at the same time teach the norms of a sober life. If you do not engage in prevention and do not restore the areas of personality destroyed by drug addiction, then the result should not be expected and the person will return to the use of drugs.

    It is important to understand that such treatment is a long and very difficult process, through which both the patient and his relatives and friends undergo it. You should not expect quick results, and you shouldn’t believe in “magic”, “secret” ways that in a couple of sessions promise to relieve a person from addiction once and for all.With any treatment, no matter how effective it is, progress is achieved slowly, gradually, conflict situations are possible, to which one must be prepared and not retreat from his determination to get rid of the disease.

    In addition, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that even ideally undergoing a course of treatment can suddenly be interrupted by a breakdown, the addict can try to hide from the doctors, interrupt communication with relatives and succumb to his illness again. That is why it is extremely important that the patient’s relatives interact with the doctors - if a suspect arises that the addict imitates the willingness to complete the treatment, and he perceives his presence in the rehabilitation center as a forced measure to which he is forced, it is necessary to report such suspicions to the medical staff and psychologists who work with the patient, and for his part by all possible means explain to him that everything that happens is primarily dictated by concern for his own good, and, if mu indifferent to his fate, he must trust the doctors and their loved ones.

    Often you may encounter opinionsthat rehabilitation centers for drug addicts are peculiar “prisons” in which their relatives put their addicts in order to get rid of the discomfort brought by life with them. It is not true. Rehabilitation centers are primarily medical institutions, and the treatment is not based on forcibly keeping a patient from drug use, not on trying to “overdo it” locked up while going on, but on a complex of medical and psychological procedures, each of which not only helps to overcome the most difficult and terrible period of giving up drugs, but also to prepare an addict for independent life, a life in which a person does not want and will not return to drugs.

    Rehabilitation of drug addicts and treatment of drug addiction with complex methods in Moscow and the Moscow region

    Everyone who applies for help expects a result and especially this is what their close relatives, who have long arrived in fear for their close and dear person, want it. There can be no guarantees of treatment in principle, since we are talking about a person who, after treatment and rehabilitation, must follow certain recommendations of the attending staff.Assistance to drug addicts is provided in a comprehensive and phased manner; usually, this is the coordinated work of psychologists, teachers, social workers, and addiction counselors.

    A sober lifestyle is a kind of habit that must be developed and it is this foundation that is laid in rehabilitation centers. The lack of temptation, rules, discipline, and round-the-clock supervision by the center's specialists make it possible to get rid of an obsessive desire for a systematic change in consciousness.

    Drug use is a destructive habit that requires changes in attitudes, changes in values ​​and goal setting. Comprehensive treatment of drug treatment to a rehabilitation center, followed by social adaptation, and there is effective and unique assistance to drug addicts. Ask for advice, and we will select for you an individual treatment and rehabilitation course, all services are provided anonymously.

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