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    The headphones broke, decided to pick up new ones, but as it turned out now there is such a variety of different brands and models that I don�t even know what to stop at. Share recommendations on which brands you prefer?
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    Masha Gorbach
    ������������Masha Gorbach
    ������������Answered on March 7, 2017 18:53
    I bought Sven the year before, I listen to music all the time, the sound turned out to be good. They are comfortable, and most importantly for me - durable. Before that I changed them every couple of months. So now I'm happy.
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    In the matter of technology, I trust only the Germans. They actually get it quality. I now have Beyerdynamic, but I want to give it to my brother, and I�m going to buy Sennheiser headphones for myself. It remains only to determine the model.
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    Eldana Klyuchareva
    ������������Eldana Klyuchareva
    ������������Answered 7 march 2017 19:34
    Yes, I see that everyone has their own preferences. So I will try to find something suitable for me. Grateful for the advice.

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