Packing your Wingman

Henty Wingman Bag

Henty Wingman Bag

All-weather bags as an idea are useful. In reality, they are a necessity – especially if you live in Britain. Our weather has the ability to go from bad to worse to unpredictable in a few hours, let alone a few days, and human beings in general cannot deal with that level of uncertainty. To the rescue of your worldly possessions is Henty and their awesome ‘Wingman’ bag.

Henty’s ‘Wingman’ is the product of a couple of Aussie blokes who work hard, gym harder and fly often. They couldn’t find anything out there to suitably transport their business wear, so they did what was required: they made one. The ‘Wingman’ has been designed for those of us who walk, cycle or fly to work and for those that like to exercise before, during or after.

The Wingman actually consists of two bags which conveniently buckle together. The outer suit bag attaches to the inner cylindrical gym/utility bag by wrapping around the outside and clipping in place. What differentiates the ‘Wingman’ from traditional fold-in-half suit bags is the semi-rigid vertical ribbing that restricts the diameter when rolled. This minimises creasing so suits and shirts remain crisp and fresh during your commute.

Made from heavy duty tarpaulin, the bag is designed to handle whatever life throws at it. External pockets feature for accessory and document convenience and a large pouch can comfortably fit a laptop or tablet. As if the product wasn’t good enough already, the duo have also included a high visibility waterproof jacket to further protect the bag and its contents, a foldable hook coat hanger and reflective piping and a bicycle light loop that should help protect you at night.

Two bags, an ingenious way of transporting both together and a heap of extras to keep both you and your goods safe. Functional design at its finest.

Available for around £120 from the or .

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

Video: Interbike 2013 - New Henty Wingman - Suit Carrying Bag for Cycling

Henty Wingman Bag
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Watch Henty Wingman Bag video
Watch Henty Wingman Bag video

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