• Himself a bartender: cocktail recipes with absinthe

    Cocktails with absinthe have a rather mild flavor due to the content of juice and light liqueurs. But at will, they can always be made stronger by increasing the percentage of alcohol.

    absinthe cocktails
    Cocktails with absinthe must be beautifully decorated and properly filed
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    Apple juice150 millilitersAbsinthe20 millilitersLiquor50 millilitersIce cubes1 stackLemon1 slice
    • Servings:
    • Cooking time:5 minutes

    Absinthe Cocktail Recipes

    First, consider a few low-alcohol pleasant tasting koiley. Their basis is fresh fruit or lemonade. These drinks are great refreshing on a hot summer day.

    Contrast Cocktail:

    • In a tall beer glass, put ice, pour apple juice.
    • Add a thin stream of berry liqueur.
    • Pour in the absinthe.

    Before serving, decorate the glass with a thin semicircle of lemon.

    Cocktail with ice cream can be prepared in just 2 minutes. At the same time it is very pleasant to the taste and looks interesting too.

    Grocery list:

    • Milk sundae - 50 g
    • Freshly squeezed orange juice - 1 stack.
    • Absinthe - 50 ml.

    Mix all the ingredients in a blender, pour the drink into a tall glass.

    Light sparkling cocktail with bright taste:

    • Sprite - 200 ml.
    • Liqueur "Malibu" - 10 ml.
    • Absinthe - 50 ml.
    • Lime - ¼ pcs.
    • Ice - 3 dice.

    Put all the ingredients into the shaker, mix well. If there is no shaker, combine all the ingredients, except lemonade, in a glass and mix. Fill the sprite.

    Pour the drink into the glass. Cut the lime into thin transparent slices, put it into a cocktail and can taste it.

    Romantic cocktail, which is usually offered in bars to couples in love. It is very beautiful, fragrant and strong enough to quickly turn the head.

    What you need for it:

    • Silver tequila - 20 ml.
    • Sambuca light - 20 ml.
    • Absinthe - 10 ml.
    • Liqueur "Blue Curacao" - 3 ml.
    • Liqueur "Irish cream" - 3 ml.

    Multi-colored layers should be visible in this drink, so pour everything very carefully. First sambuca, then tequila. Using a cocktail straw, pour both liqueurs drop by drop. Top carefully place absinthe in the spoon.

    Burning cocktail:

    • Bitter schnapps - 50 ml.
    • "Blue Curacao" - 50 ml.
    • Absinthe - 50 ml.
    • Cream 30% - 50 ml.

    Combine all products in a shaker or bowl of a blender, whisk. Pour into a glass and set on fire. This drink looks very impressive.

    Multilayer cocktail with pots:

    • Orange liquor "Triple Sec" - 20 ml.
    • Light tequila - 20 ml.
    • Absinthe - 20 ml.
    • Tabasco sauce - 5 ml.

    Pour into a glass of liqueur, then tequila. They should not be mixed. Gently pour in the sauce, which stops at the layer of liqueur. Last pour in the absinthe.

    This drink can be set on fire or served without fire, with a straw. In any case, it will be very beautiful.

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