• How do animals do it?

    Scientists have long figured out that most animals will not have sex just for fun. They do this only at the behest of instinct, to continue the race. However, not one lady in love among people can cope with the task of doing it the way animals do. Lionesses, for example, are able to have sex three hundred times in three days. Lev, in the period of love games, has to mate with almost all the lionesses of his pride, firing his “cannon” 150 times during this period. This is a real orgy. One male, immediately behind him - the next ...

    Dogs swell penis

    None of the men would like to experience for yourself how some animals have sex. For example, dogs. On average, the duration of sexual intercourse is about an hour. However, at the same time, immediately after ejaculation, the head of the penis of the dog begins to increase several times. A swollen member does not allow him to free himself! It lasts about 20-30 minutes more. Thus, the dog guarantees the successful fertilization of the female with her seed, even if she has sex with another dog a little later.

    The octopus leaves its cock to the female

    News for many can be information that the octopus has nine legs, not eight. Although, to tell you the truth, the ninth leg is not a leg at all, but a penis. During the love game, the octopus male tries to hug the chosen one with all eight legs, and then the ninth leg, which he introduces into it, comes in handy. Sex with an octopus can last about an hour, but the member as a payment, apparently, remains in the female. But, left without a member, the male octopus is not very worried, because soon the sexual organ will grow again.


    Different fish breeding methods are different. Most of them spawn in the water, where fertilization takes place without penetration into the body of the partner. When breeding, the female secretes caviar, the male secretes “milt”. Milk is a white liquid containing sperm. Other fish prefer to breed in the old fashioned way. It turns out that the first fish on the planet decided to have sex about 410 million years ago. It is a pity, but regular sex did not help shellfish and placoderms, they became extinct in the Devonian period. Sharks can not only eat a powerful mouth and a deep throat, but also use them to hold females, making pectoral fins making love.

    Pet care animals

    Humpback whales, slicing through the cold waters of the ocean, slap each other's fins hard, getting excited by this. And the fur seals, lying on the head-to-head, bend their necks, gently stroke each other, and sometimes merge into a kiss. The undoubted champion among lovers is a nimble echidna who lives in Australia. The male spends four hours to warm up the partner, he caresses, strokes, thus introduces her into a breathtaking sexual trance and then seizes her. Even more sensual is the act of intercourse itself, it can take at least three hours.

    So, as they say, it’s better to see once than to hear animals having sex a hundred times. You can watch the video by clicking on these links:

    • - mating tapirs
    • - mating horses

    Bird orgies

    If a male and female field sparrow need a little love and affection, they fly into a flock of people like them and there, among them, mate. Immediately after this act, the female is given to all willing males, and then the couple in love flies home together. The scene of jealousy excluded. A seagull sitting in its nest gently invites anyone past the passing male without feeling a single bit of remorse.

    • - mating parrots.

    As it turns out, animals are wonderful lovers. They can have sex everywhere: in the field, in the woods, in the water, in the trees and under the ground. They will not listen to the advice of doctors or sexologists, do not limit themselves to public morality. After all, sex is great. That would be the same person freely given to love, as do animals sex.

    Human attraction to the animal

    In general, human sexual intercourse with animals is an ancient phenomenon. It is reflected in mythology, and in religion, in historical and, of course, fiction. Left its mark in the field of fine art. In the world of modern literature, this topic is almost not covered, many of our contemporaries do not even know the name of sex with animals. Although bestiality or bestiality is not so common in modern society, however, special studies have shown that about 3-7% percent of people have had zoese contacts.

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