• How can a girl get rid of a mustache?

    Dark antennae above the upper lip, or even on the chin, - the spectacle is not aesthetic and not too familiar for a girl or a woman. There are pretty simple ways to get rid of them.

    For girls who can see a couple of dark hairs, the procedure for getting rid of them will not be very difficult and expensive. But there are other cases where the hairline over the upper lip is thick and long. In this case, you will have to apply more stringent ways to deal with this trouble.

    Before you read and apply ways how to get rid of the mustache in girls, it is worth talking to the endocrinologist and gynecologist. These doctors are engaged in diseases that can cause such an unpleasant effect. In such cases, dark whiskers are not an accidental phenomenon that your older generations could give you, for example, but a symptom of a serious disease that needs to be treated from the inside. Usually, after a special course of treatment, this problem can be forgotten.

    But if you are a completely healthy girl or woman, then you can turn to traditional medicine or trust in the hands of beauty salons. Everyone looks at their own budget, and if necessary, because to remove a few dark hairs in the wrong place, there is no need to run to the institutes of beauty.

    Simple and effective ways

    If the problem consists in several dark antennae, then it is solved simply. Through the usual cosmetic tweezers and a mirror, you can easily get rid of a mustache. It is better to do this procedure after taking a bath, as the skin of the face will be steamed out and hairs can easily be separated from it. Such a simple operation will have to be carried out as new hair grows.

    The second simple option is to discolor the hairs. The same method is suitable for girls with tendrils that are dark, but short. Disintegrate usually with hydrogen peroxide. To do this, apply a small amount of liquid on a cotton swab, then distribute the solution over the hairline area. This procedure will have to be done 2-3 days, after which the hairs will not only become discolored, but will also fall out.

    Many girls ponder how to get rid of a mustache quickly. In this case, in any case, do not shave the hair with a razor! This will only stimulate the growth of additional hairs, they will become more coarse and voluminous. In such a situation, it is still worth taking the time to wait for the result from effective methods.

    Creams for depilation

    Another common way to remove antennae is to use a depilatory cream. However, you should know that such a procedure can cause severe irritation of the delicate skin of the face. Be careful and carefully read the instructions to cosmetics!

    Wax and sugar mixture

    This method is more benign, and the result is held for quite a long time and reliably. To do this, you will need to purchase in a pharmacy, or in any perfume shop, special wax or sugar strips. This strip should be attached to the antennae, and then sharply pull. The first time will be quite unpleasant, but then it will become easier. Beauty requires sacrifice! After the whole procedure, you must apply the cream to prevent skin irritation.

    The disadvantage of this method is that the hairs can become even darker and thicker. But with this method, you can still use hair inhibitors. This is usually a cream or ointment that can be purchased at any pharmacy. They must be rubbed into the skin over the lips 2-3 times a day for a month. You will notice that the hairs will become weaker and lighter, which will provide an easier process of depilation.

    And if forever?

    Surely many girls are ready to empty their wallet, but to ensure that the mustache disappeared forever. Such methods exist, such procedures are carried out in beauty salons for a lot of money.


    One of the most reliable ways to remove hair once and for all is electrolysis. This procedure is quite long, it can take up to 10 hours of time when working with the upper lip and up to 15 hours, if you remove the hair from the chin. But the result should leave you happy. A professional with a special needle penetrates to a hair follicle, where a weak electric current is allowed.

    Before deciding on such a procedure, be sure to verify the experience of a specialist who will conduct the operation.If such a therapy is performed incorrectly, pigment spots can form, irritation, and the procedure itself promises to be quite painful in this case.

    Usually after the successful conduct of such a procedure, the girls get rid of the hated antennae forever.


    This method is even more expensive than electrolysis. However, the result is considered the most reliable and durable. The procedure consists in applying short beams of light to the hair follicles, which prevents their growth. Therapy lasts only a few minutes - 1-2 on the upper lip and 5 minutes on the chin. To carry out such procedures will have from two to seven pieces, depending on the color tone of the hair and its thickness.

    Re-growth of hairs can occur, but not earlier than in a few years. At the time of the sessions on photo epilation, you will have to avoid the sun and use protective creams, and depending on the number of sessions, it can take a half year.

    Elos epilation

    This is the most new and fashionable way at the moment, as a girl to get rid of a mustache. It represents a certain combination of photo-epilation and electrolysis.It is painless, and with it there is no need to avoid sunlight. It will also take quite a long time to do this procedure - 5-8 procedures at intervals of one month.

    All salon methods have a number of contraindications. Therefore, if you treat girls with skin, cancer and other diseases, then before conducting any of the above procedures, consult your doctor.

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