• How do cats meow?

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    How do cats meow?

    Cats have their own ways of communicating with a person, and one of them is meowing. If you carefully listen to how the cats meow, you can understand what exactly they want to "tell" us. About this amazing cat "language" we will talk today.

    Why do cats meow

    When meowing, cats make a very sonorous sound, which begins on a high note and then smoothly descends to the lower registers. Scientists who study how meow cats think that domestic cats have been perfecting these �musical� skills for centuries to make them pleasant and understandable to humans, to make them want to pity the animal, feed it, take it home. Meowing is a natural tool for cats to adapt to life with humans.

    What do cats "say" by meowing

    Each owner, listening to his cat meows, can compile a cat's own �tongue� vocabulary. To help those who wish to better understand their pets, we present this memo:

    • A simple, short meow usually means a greeting.
    • A clear and loud meow is usually a complaint or a call (sometimes the meowing of a hungry cat reminds a child's crying to refuse to eat it was more difficult)
    • The short, often repeated �me� sound is most likely impatience. Usually, cats publish it at the sight of out of reach prey.
    • Sometimes a single "meow" means outrage, or other similar emotions.
    • A long, high and plaintive meow is usually issued by kittens in search of a mother, or affection from the owners.
    • A mewing, like a howl, is not intended for a person, usually cats call for a sexual partner.

    How cats of different countries meow

    Of course, different breeds of cats have their own characteristics: some like to meow for no particular reason, others like respectable �silent� ones. It is worth knowing about this, intending to purchase a certain breed of coca. An interesting fact is that no matter what breed a cat is, the sound of its voice in almost all countries of the world is almost the same. Find online audio or video recordings like cats meowing, and you will find that the differences are small. Here's how cats meow:

    • in England: "meow"
    • in Argentina: "miau"
    • in Africa: "miaau"
    • in Germany: miau
    • in Greece: niaou
    • in Korea: "nya-ong"
    • in Finland: "miau, kurnau"
    • in Estonia: "nau"
    • in Japan: "nyaa"

    Now you know why and how meow cats. Learn to understand the language of your pets, and they will repay you with love and loyalty.

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