• How do cacti bloom?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    December 11, 2012
    How do cacti bloom?

    Most recently, many of us have been deceived into thinking that cacti either die immediately after flowering, or do not bloom at all. But the laws of the preservation of the genus has not been canceled, these plants bloom every year, bear fruit and multiply. So when and how do cacti bloom?

    Features flowering cacti

    Among the huge species diversity, cacti lovers pick up plants in such a way that they bloom continuously throughout the year, replacing each other. Flowers of cacti are revealed at any time of the day or night. Night lights sparkle white in tropical velvet darkness. With this coloring they attract moths for pollination. At nightlights, flowers are much larger than flowers of daytime cacti, so that in the dark they can be seen faster. For the flowers of most cacti, night light is characterized by a strong and pleasant aroma. Color and smell are "beacons" for night pollinators.

    The famous “Queen of the Night” (creeping cactus Selenicereus grandiflorus) has flowers more than 20 cm in diameter.The outer leaves of the calyx have a yellow-golden color, and the internal golden-white color.

    Each type of cactus has its own flowering time. In Echinopsis and Selenicereus, flowers bloom only for one night, Rebution blooms for 2-3 days, in Echinocereus a flower can last a week, closing at night and opening for dinner.

    How to care for flowering cacti

    Summer care for a full-blown plant is different from winter. If in winter it is enough to water the plant 1-2 times a month, then in the summer it is 4-5. Since at this time of year the earth in a pot dries out very quickly, and the flower requires an increased consumption of moisture. In addition to watering 2 times a month, the soil must be fertilized so that the plant gained strength before flowering. And be sure to keep it in the fresh air. If you follow these simple rules, cactus grows and blooms better.

    During the rest of the year, you act as follows:

    • in winter, cacti must be kept cool (+5 - +10oC), watering, sprinkling the ground a little more than once a month;
    • spring increase watering and ambient temperature;
    • turn the plant towards the sun.

    How to make a cactus bloom

    If your cactus stubbornly does not want to bloom, then it can be vaccinated - a cutting from a flowering plant is transplanted to the cut of a non-flowering cactus.

    For example, cut off a 5 cm long stalk from a copiously blossoming epiphyllum and sharpen it obliquely on both sides. From the stem of flowering peireskii cut off the top. The stem itself is incised in half 1.5 cm deep to match the cut surface.

    The most successful vaccination is the winter one, which is better with young plants grown from shoots or seedlings.

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