• How do people influence rivers?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    April 24, 2013
    How do people influence rivers?

    The question of how people influence rivers is very painful not only for environmentalists, but also for other people. The fact is that most people refer to nature as a constant and unchanging part of our world. Already very few people pay attention to the release of waste into the oceans, to the extermination of the flora of rivers, to the pollution of their debris. This is an unforgivable mistake that affects not only the surrounding aesthetics, but also the nature and health of the person himself.

    Unfortunately, today it is increasingly possible to see the accumulated debris on the banks of rivers and in the rivers themselves. In almost every city you can find a reservoir that is polluted with household garbage and chemicals. All this is the work of man.

    The mass extermination of fish that clean and filter water in rivers, crayfish and other underwater inhabitants has a negative effect on the state of the rivers. Moreover, dynamite checkers, nets and other devices of poachers are to blame.

    One of the most serious problems is the relationship of man to nature. Nowadays, rivers are used as a resource for the work of factories and mills.After a short time, the work of such enterprises of the river begins to dry, the living creatures - to die. Water is the main source of human activity, but this expression remains in the distant past. It was replaced by another, less positive, but more cynical. Water is the main resource for the work of human inventions. We need to be more careful about nature, including water resources.

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