• How do the ovaries hurt?

    The functioning of the female body is directed primarily at the birth of children. Ideally, all our organs should work properly. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case, and we are all susceptible to disease. Women often complain of pain in the lower abdomen, saying that they have pain in the ovaries. So how do the ovaries really hurt?

    First you need to figure out what the ovaries are. These are female paired organs of the reproductive system, located on both sides of the uterus and producing female hormones estrogen and gestagen. The cause of pain in the ovaries can be various diseases of these organs: adnexitis, oophoritis, cyst or tumor, ectopic pregnancy. You can read more in our other article - “Why do the ovaries hurt?”.

    Where do the ovaries hurt? It is a pain in the lower abdomen and back, but they can be symptoms of other diseases not related to the ovaries. The question of whether the ovaries can hurt, or if you have some other disease, can only be solved by a doctor. You should not drink various pills yourself, warm the painful places, in general, be self-medicated.This can lead to serious consequences.

    How to understand what exactly the ovaries hurt? Symptoms may be different.

    Symptoms of adnexitis

    Adnexitis is an inflammation of the ovaries. These are cutting and stabbing pains that occur at regular intervals in the lower abdomen. The pain may be in the back or in the legs. Sometimes the pain is so intense that the woman can not even straighten. The treatment is carried out by a doctor. In principle, with adequate treatment, recovery occurs fairly quickly, as long as the disease does not become chronic.

    Symptoms of oophoritis

    Inflammation of the ovarian appendages. When oophoritis occurs pain in the lower abdomen and sharp pains in the ovaries. They differ from pain in adnexitis by paroxysmal character, sometimes aching pain occurs. These pains are also accompanied by a decrease in immunity, lethargy and weakness, irritability and sleep disturbances.

    Symptoms of ovarian cysts

    Cyst is a common gynecological disease. Can a cyst hurt? A cyst, or ovarian tumor, greatly enlarged, begins to squeeze nearby organs, which leads to pain. Sometimes it breaks.All this leads to the development of the inflammatory process. The pain of the cyst is mainly localized in the back and resembles osteochondrosis. To avoid rupture of a cyst and, as a result, peritonitis, for such pains, you should consult a doctor.

    Symptoms of ovulation

    During ovulation, the egg leaves the follicle, and sometimes this process is accompanied by slight bleeding and dull pain in the ovaries. When spikes, women also feel pain due to chronic inflammation.

    Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

    In this case, women feel cramping pain on the side where the pregnancy occurred, which requires hospitalization and emergency surgery.

    Thus, it becomes clear that pain in the lower abdomen and back can appear as a result of various diseases, including diseases of the ovaries. The correct diagnosis can only be made by a doctor, who will also prescribe the treatment. A woman should not engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment, it can be extremely dangerous and lead not only to the appearance of a chronic form of the disease, but even to death, as for example, as a result of rupture of the tube during ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, you should be very attentive to your health and take care of yourself!

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