• How do you spell "in general"?

    Alik Mullahmetov
    Alik Mullahmetov
    February 13, 2013
    How do you spell "in general"?

    Ignorance of the rules of the Russian language sometimes leads to ridiculous mistakes. Many questions arise when writing adverbs with prepositions. One of them: how do you spell "in general" - together or separately?

    The word "in general" is an adverb or adjective with a preposition (depending on the context). In either of these two cases, "in general" is always written separately. The reason is simple: prepositions with words are written separately.

    The separate spelling "in general" is observed even if the word in the sentence becomes introductory and does not apply to any part of speech. For example: "The report turned out to be incomplete, in general, redo it." The introductory word is comma-delimited.

    How do you spell “in general” if a “then” particle is added? The word is still written separately, and "that" is added to it with a hyphen: "In general, there is nothing more to write about."

    Many people write "in general", which is wrong. The reason for such an error is another similarly written adverb “in general”. "In general" is used as an introductory word to summarize the conclusions, summarize."Generally" is more colloquial, also used as an introductory word, can mean something permanent or absolute. Consider examples:

    1. "It has nothing to do with the above." "Generally" by value can be replaced by "absolutely."
    2. "In general, more attention should be paid to this issue." The adverb plays the role of a generalizing word, which can be replaced by the words "in principle", "in general".

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