• How does smoking affect pregnancy?

    Premature birth and other negative factors of smoking for the future mother and baby

    Smoking during pregnancy carries significant negative factors for the development and upcoming birth of a child. During smoking, nicotine enters the body of a pregnant woman, which contributes to the depletion of the placental tissue and the placenta itself as a whole. Subsequently, this leads to premature birth or fetal death in early pregnancy. This happens due to premature detachment of a normally located placenta.
    Nicotine - the main substance that causes irreversible effects. In smokers, the risk of giving birth to a dead baby or a child with congenital diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, and impaired immune system significantly increases. Sometimes the birth of a large child scares the future mother and she seeks to smoke more cigarettes to reduce the weight of the baby.Smoking one pack of cigarettes per day reduces the child's weight by 250 grams. What can later lead to the syndrome of sudden infant death, which has not yet been fully studied by scientists, and ways to prevent it have not yet been invented.
    The brain of the child needs to receive important trace elements. But nicotine kills nutrients and gives birth to a child with a low level of intelligence, poor memory and learning abilities. Subsequently, difficulties in schooling and difficult relationships with other children may arise.

    The occurrence of fetal hypoxia

    In addition to nicotine, the future mother's body is also poisoned by tar, carcinogens, and carbon monoxide. These substances violate the placental circulation and reduce the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Oxygen to the tissues and organs comes in smaller quantities. Fetal hypoxia occurs. The baby in the womb begins to choke, the cause of this condition of the baby is oxygen deprivation. The level of motor activity of the baby decreases, the number of movements decreases. In such a situation, the probability of the baby’s death is high. A child can receive less than just oxygen.Thus, due to impaired uteroplacental blood flow, the intake of vitamins necessary for growth and maintenance of the baby’s life is reduced.

    How to cope with your own difficulties in quitting smoking

    Quitting smoking is a very difficult task that you need to set yourself hard. In this situation, it is better to seek help from specialists and ask for support from relatives, friends, a loved one. Together and with common efforts, one can overcome the desire to poison the body to itself and the future of an unborn man. Its internal complexes must be set aside. Now there are various communities of future mothers on the Internet or in the city. You should attend various trainings, consult a doctor and think about the good. You must strive to give birth to a healthy and happy baby.

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