• How does the belly sink?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    February 26, 2013
    How does the belly sink?

    The question of how to lower the stomach, often worries moms who give birth for the first time. Before you figure out how and for how much the abdomen falls, first you need to understand the reason for lowering the abdomen. When the moment of readiness for childbirth comes, the child “gets comfortable” for coming to light. The first step is to lower the head into the pelvic cavity. As a result, the woman's abdomen also falls.

    Norms and terms of lowering the abdomen

    According to the statistics, in normal birthbirths, the belly starts dropping in the 36th week of pregnancy. Also, these data state that after lowering the abdomen, childbirth occurs in 2-3 weeks. And for multiparous, the stomach descends much later, starting at 38 weeks. And childbirth comes about 7 days earlier. But in practice, doctors observe different cases. The lowering of the abdomen can begin with the third trimester of pregnancy, that is, from week 27. A woman can give birth in time, that is, starting from week 39. It all depends on how your pregnancy proceeds.If the stomach is lowered earlier, but on the whole, everything is in order (there are no pains, no bleeding), do not panic. This process is impossible to predict. But if you feel pain during lowering of the abdomen (contractions or water withdrawn), immediately contact your gynecologist.

    How to understand that the stomach is lowered?

    After the abdomen goes down, it becomes easier for the woman to breathe, shortness of breath is not so worried, heartburn becomes less or stops altogether. If you want to find out if your belly has dropped, then place your hand between your chest and belly. If it fits completely, then the stomach is lowered.

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