• How effective is facial gymnastics for wrinkles?

    Age-related changes, the appearance of mimic wrinkles, crow's feet, dryness and sagging are all the result of the effects of stress, tension, ecology and bad habits on the body.

    The skin of the face is a very delicate matter, and requires increased attention after 25 years. If you neglect this requirement, in another 10 years you will see in the mirror a woman who can safely look much older - tired, neglected and wrinkled. To prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality, it is worthwhile to take seriously the issue of facial care and various anti-aging procedures that are able to maintain the tone and make the contours clearer.

    The obvious benefit

    Face and neck - the first thing that gives the age of a woman. Serious age changes often do not lend themselves to simple methods of improving their condition, and in this case only plastic surgery will help. But for those who decided to prevent the formation of wrinkles or noticed their first manifestations on time, you can use effective gymnastics for the muscles of the face and neck.

    This method of anti-aging was developed in the 50s of the last century in Europe. Cosmetologists confirm that such studies are an excellent alternative to plastic and popular “beauty shots”.

    The gym complex is created on the basis of relaxation and tension of the muscles, which give a tonic effect and allow you to model more precise contours without a second chin, sagging cheeks and fine wrinkles in the forehead, eyes and mouth.

    In addition, correct breathing is also important, because oxygen saturation is one of the main rules of the struggle for youth. The first results will be noticeable after 3-4 weeks of regular classes, and this is an excellent prospect.

    The most popular and successful trainers, whose rejuvenation programs are used all over the world today, are American women Carolyn Cleaves and Carol Maggio.

    Caroline in her book promises readers that if they regularly engage in sculptural gymnastics for six months, they will be able to look younger by almost 10 years.

    Exercises on the Clevez system help raise your lowered eyebrows, remove puffiness in the eye area, smooth the skin around your neck and even make your lips more plump.

    The Carol Maggio program has existed for more than 20 years, and during this time it has gained millions of fans who have tested it on themselves, which is useful for this technique:

    • it improves blood flow and lymph flow, as a result of which the body is cleansed of toxins and slags;
    • regular exercises contribute to the production of collagen, responsible for the elasticity of the skin;
    • muscles of the face, constantly exercising and going through the process of growth, gain volume and smooth existing wrinkles.

    Important rules for achieving results

    Before you start gymnastics from wrinkles, you need to know the basic rules that are required to perform.

    1. Systematic. Only regular classes will give a visible effect. Do the exercises you need 2 times a day. The place does not matter, but the time is just that - it is morning and evening that are the most favorable for charging.
    2. Clean skin. Before starting the exercises, be sure to remove all cosmetics from the face and neck in order to open the pores through which the skin will receive oxygen.
    3. Humidification. If you are the owner of dry and sensitive skin, apply a moisturizer on it before classes. The same goes for the area around the eyes.
    4. Drink.Remember that dehydration also leads to sagging and flabbiness, therefore, to increase elasticity, it is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of water daily.
    5. Warm up You need to start gymnastics with a warm-up. To do this, just twist and grimace your reflection in the mirror, prepare your face as well, and tune in a positive way. You can also easily run over the skin with finger pads and take a few deep breaths.

    Active = beauty at any age

    After completing the warm-up, you can begin a set of exercises, each part of which is aimed at in-depth study of various problem areas.

    Fight wrinkles in the forehead area

    1. The index fingers of both hands put on the middle of each eyebrow and, applying a little effort, pull down. At the same time, try to resist it by raising your eyebrows up. It is necessary to linger in this position for 5-7 seconds, and then let the muscles relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
    2. To get rid of vertical wrinkles, place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the forehead and pull up, and in the meantime, lower eyebrows down.
    3. Wrinkles between the eyebrows can be removed by doing the following: place the middle fingers on the inner base of the eyebrows, put index fingers exactly above the middle ones. Try frowning, fixing your skin with your fingers and creating resistance.

    Improving the contour of the eyes

    1. Index fingers put in the outer corner of the eyebrows, and the middle in the inner. Open your eyes as wide as possible, raising your eyebrows high. You should feel how the upper eyelid tenses. This exercise will help to fight "goose paws".
    2. With your index finger pads, slightly pull the skin to the side around the outer corner of the eyes. Close your eyes and make them circular movements 10 times in each direction.

    Pull your cheeks

    1. The easiest way to practice the muscles of your cheeks is to alternately inflate and blow them off, repeating it 10 times.
    2. After collecting air, move it first along the cheeks, then under the upper and lower lip, make a deep exhalation and relax.

    Gymnastics for the lips and chin

    1. To prevent the appearance of noticeable nasolabial folds, you need to make simple movements - stretch your lips into a tube, linger in this state for 5 seconds and relax.You can also stretch your lips, as if saying the letter “O” while opening the mouth wide.
    2. To tighten the chin area, use the jaw movement left and right, lingering on each side for 5 seconds. You need to do this carefully and smoothly. Another effective exercise is to open your mouth slowly and widely, and also, having turned your head back, reach out with your lower lip to the top.

    Do not forget the neck!

    1. The simplest movements that help tighten the oval of the face and improve the condition of the skin on the neck are rotational movements with the head when the muscles of the neck tighten.
    2. Sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, lower your shoulders and keep your head straight. In this position, turn your head, trying to pull the neck muscles.

    This simple facial gymnastics does not require investment and special effort. All you need is to give yourself 20-30 minutes twice a day. Carrying out these simple exercises, very soon you will understand that you do not need the most fashionable and popular cosmetology procedures, because your skin will be young and fresh thanks to simple exercises available to everyone.

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