• What should the goddesses of fate, war, commerce, water, fire, earth, nature, moon, sun and death look like?

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    Answered on February 21, 2015 20:23
    Pavel, did you decide to use our tips to create your book? Well, okey, only then if the book comes out to the general public, do not forget to give us a percentage of salesXD Okay, just kidding) Let's fantasize. The goddess of war, we have already discussed, let's talk about others. I will tell you how I represent them. Goddess of fate A long loose dress to toe, consisting of contrasting colors, long flowing hair, bare - a tiara or a beautiful bandage, in the hands of the scales, an hourglass. Facial features clearly defined, but not strict. Goddess of commerce This is a goddess associated with real life, so it should be portrayed as realistic as possible.Let her have dark hair gathered back in her hair - a bun or a braid. Wearing a simple dress, or a tunic and tight-fitting pants. On the feet - some comfortable shoes. Bag over his shoulder, in the ears - earrings, coins, in the hands - a fan of banknotes. Goddess of water Pancake, soft-fitting body at the top of a blue silk dress that slips freely to the heels. Hair is also possible with blue or blue-green shimmer, long, wavy, flowing. The skin of the body is light, with a mother-of-pearl shade. On the hands - shells made of shells, in the ears - earrings, fish or pendant-fish on the neck. In the hands - a jug of water. Soft features. Goddess of fire Bright, sharp, contrasting features. For example, light skin, but red lips and dark eyebrows. Hair - red or bright red, of different lengths, "hedgehog" at the crown. The dress is short, red, with an asymmetrical hem (somewhere longer, somewhere - shorter, to make it look like flames). Goddess of earth Brown hair of medium length, smooth, below the shoulders. She is dressed in a dress the color of the earth - simple in cut, just below the knees. Above is a light green cape (it is also possible in the form of a raincoat). On the hand - a ring with a small tree.Well-marked features, but without sharp contrast, calm natural shades: dark brows, gray eyes, pink lips. There are brown sandals on the feet. Goddess of nature This goddess combines 4 elements: earth, water, air and fire. All elements must be reflected in her appearance. She needs a long dress of four colors: brown, blue, green, red. There are two rings on each hand with symbols of four elements: fire flame, wave, tree, cloud. The skin is warm, hair - brown, thick, curly. Goddess of the Moon Yellow long dress, eyes - a transparent blue color, light skin. In the ears - earrings-crescents. Blond hair, can be with a grayish tint. Goddess of the sun Tanned skin, dark eyes, smile, honey-colored hair or reddish, long. She is wearing a bright fluffy light-colored dress. On her hands are bracelets of yellow gold. Goddess of death Pale, dressed in a long black dress with a hood, but with a full skirt to toe. Hair is black, straight, long. Beautiful symmetrical features, but strict. Brown eyes, black eyebrows.
    Vakhtang Vlamimirovich
    Vakhtang Vlamimirovich
    Answered on February 21, 2015 15:50
    In a spacesuit, with a file in hand, with a sword behind his back, with a saucepan in his other hand, under his feet a lot of money, and with a flasher on his head.

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