• What is breakfast good for?

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    What is breakfast good for?

    Many of us refuse breakfast or limited to a cup of coffee. And in vain. Morning meal is very important. Let's find out what breakfast is good for?

    The benefits of breakfast

    The fact is that without breakfast, the body will have a hard time adapting to the rhythm of life, and you may experience a headache and slight indisposition. In addition, scientists have proven that skipping this meal leads to a decrease in immunity and the development of cardiovascular diseases. If you do not eat breakfast regularly, get ready for the fact that your weight will gradually increase. This happens because fats without breakfast are burned more slowly, the metabolism is disturbed. And a good breakfast helps to wait for dinner, not snacking on various harmful goodies.

    What is good to eat for breakfast

    In the morning you need to eat foods that replenish stocks of vitamins, energize, as well as foods that maintain overall tone and nourish the muscles. Such useful products are cereals (porridges), fruits, dairy products.

    The best breakfast, of course, will be oatmeal with milk and any fruit.Or eat an omelet with some kind of vegetable. If you do not like oatmeal, you can cook any porridge for yourself, it will charge you with energy for the whole day. If you like to eat cereals in the morning, read the article Are cereals useful?

    If you do not like porridge at all, eat a loaf or black bread with cheese and vegetable salad. It will be useful to eat cottage cheese or yoghurt with vegetable or fruit juice for breakfast.

    It is better to drink green or herbal tea in the morning, as well as fruit juice. But the coffee is better to refuse.

    But sausages, sandwiches with white bread, fatty eggs are not suitable for the morning meal. They increase blood sugar too much.

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