• How does a dog get pregnant?

    Once, with incredible delight, you took a small puppy in your hands and were already proud that soon this tiny girl will become a big, beautiful and intelligent dog. This period has come, and with it the sexual maturity of the animal has also come. At such a moment it is very important to think about how the events in the life of your pet will develop further.

    If you plan to breed puppies, then it’s time to look for a suitable cavalier, if such plans do not appear, then you should visit the veterinarian who will perform the sterilization.

    Joy and troubles

    When the decision on the mating was made, it's time to deal with all the nuances. First of all, for how long your life will change, because you have to not only properly care for your pet, but also spend most of your time in taking care of the puppies until they get stronger.

    The duration of pregnancy in dogs ranges from 56 to 72 days, that is, an average of 2 months. If after the expiration of this period the birth does not begin, it is necessary to urgently contact the vet.

    Objective symptoms

    To find out that the dog is in position for the first week, and often even two, is practically impossible. Her behavior does not change, just like sleep, food or exercise.

    After two weeks you may notice lethargy, apathy and drowsiness, which indirectly indicate possible fertilization.

    After the third week, signs appear that more specifically indicate the fact of pregnancy.

    1. By the 25-30th day, the nipples increase in size and acquire a pronounced pink hue.
    2. If you look well, then in the area behind the ribs you can see a slight increase in the size of the abdomen. This becomes especially visible when the pet sits.
    3. The mammary glands continue to grow and become clearly hanging. A week before the birth of milk appears in them. If the bitch is pregnant for the first time, then the milk may appear in the process of childbirth or immediately after it.
    4. After 6 weeks the weight of the animal begins to grow rapidly, as does the appetite.

    Doctor to help

    Many modern veterinary clinics offer their clients a unique service - a pregnancy test for dogs. Its essence consists in taking a sample of blood serum, which determines the level of relaxin - a hormone that is produced by the ovaries and placenta.

    After the second week, its level rises significantly, which indicates fertilization. The test done after the third week guarantees an almost 100% reliable result.

    In addition, to determine the fact of pregnancy, you can use ultrasound. It is best to do this during the period from 24 to 35 days from the moment of mating, since it is at this time that the bubbles with the embryos can be clearly seen.

    The only nuance - to find out how much the bitch will have puppies, will not succeed. For this you need to do a second ultrasound at a later date.

    First time

    The first pregnancy in a dog is a particularly difficult period for her. Sometimes it can be a bit slower and more problematic than all subsequent ones. To protect the pet from possible complications, it is worthwhile to carefully approach the process of preparing for mating - the animal should receive all the necessary vaccinations, be healthy and eat well. After the appearance of babies, primiparous pets are sometimes very restless, but the owners do not need to worry. In a week everything will pass. Your task is to stack the new mother next to the puppies.

    Special care time

    In nature, dogs can find their own food and calmly give birth to their children without someone's help. But pets are a little more complicated, so the owners need to be ready to help at the right time.

    What to feed?

    First of all, a pregnant bitch needs proper nutrition. During the first three weeks, the diet does not need special adjustment. Food in this period should be saturated with proteins, which are found in meat, fish, dairy products and eggs.

    Therefore, starting from the second month, for dogs fed with dry food, it is necessary to add meat and egg yolks to the diet. For small pets will be enough two yolks a week. Representatives of large breeds can be given two pieces per feed. Do not increase the amount of consumption of bakery and flour products, which lead to a rapid increase in weight.

    In addition to the usual food, the dog needs vitamins and minerals. Most often for this purpose, fish oil is given, as well as complexes with vitamins A, B1, E, D, as well as calcium-containing preparations.

    Care will also be needed for your pet's teeth, so do not forget to give her something to chew on something solid - meat with stones, carrots, and an apple - to prevent the formation of plaque.

    Water can be given almost without restriction, because it is necessary for the normal production of amniotic fluid, which is inside the amniotic fluid.

    How to walk?

    Change the mode of walking on the street is not worth it. If the dog is used to the fact that they last for about an hour, you can safely continue to walk in the same way. During the active weight gain period, the animal itself will regulate their duration. Usually, pets no longer go far from home to return in time and rest.

    At the 7-9 week, you need to limit long stairs on the stairs and active games. The number of walks at this stage can be increased at the request of the dog.

    In healthy dogs, pregnancy usually proceeds easily and without problems, and after two months you will be able to see young offspring.

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