• How does love manifest?

    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    December 19, 2014
    How does love manifest?

    Multifaceted this feeling - love. How do men and women express it? How else is love manifested?

    How do men show love?

    1. They tend to show feelings not in words but in their actions. Remember how men give attention signs - they give flowers, they buy pleasant surprises, they carry heavy bags for girls. All this suggests that they have feelings for her.
    2. A man who loves, cares for a girl, is ready to fulfill her wishes, to show attention.
    3. Men often show their feelings tactilely - by touching, kissing, intimate intimacy.
    4. For many men, a way to show love and prove the seriousness of a relationship becomes the representation of a girl to her parents, friends.

    How do women show love?

    1. Unlike the male sex, they can express their love with words. And words, as a rule, are of great importance. They often say different tenderness and are ready to say directly about their love.
    2. Women begin to take care of their chosen one.They are pleased to care for a man, to feed him tasty, to choose clothes for him. They support their man in everything. Women begin to dress smartly to look attractive in the eyes of a loved one.

    G. Chapman: Languages ​​of Love

    Marriage Counselor Gary Chapman in his book "5 Languages ​​of Love" talks about ways of expressing love in a relationship. There are not many of them.

    1. Words of encouragement - encouraging, kind words, praise, compliments, requests for help. Such words, spoken from the heart, will warm anyone. A man, for example, is pleased to hear from his half a request to help with something: this means that he is valued.
    2. Time spent on each other. This includes joint walks, dinners, cozy evenings together. This is a great way to express your feelings.
    3. Gifts. Not necessarily on a specific occasion - it is possible without it. The main thing - to show attention to your loved one.
    4. Help. Whatever you like - to wash the clothes of your beloved, to repair the worn out equipment at the request of the girl. Help means taking care.
    5. Finally, touch. This is not necessarily sex. Gently take the hand, stroke the hair, put a hand on the shoulder, kiss on the cheek - these touches are no less significant.

    What language of love is right for you? Usually the one that you represent in ideal relationships - for example, when the imagination draws a walk with a loved one, holding hands. Then your main tongues of love are time and touch.

    Never hesitate to show love. Expressing love languages, you make the relationship joyful, strong, trusting.

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