• How many calories in sushi?

    March 24, 2015
    How many calories in sushi?

    Recently enough is a dish of Japanese cuisine, like sushi and rolls. Many, if not tried, at least perfectly represent how they look.

    In this article we will look at how high-calorie sushi is.

    Calorie sushi

    It is known that sushi in Japanese cuisine are represented by different types. Some of them do not even contain fish. How many calories in sushi and rolls?

    In general, sushi is a low-calorie product. You should not confuse sushi with rolls, the latter contain more ingredients in their composition, which means they are more high-calorie (read about the differences between sushi and rolls in the article What is the difference between sushi and rolls).

    • The dietary types of rolls include Philadelphia, which contains 60 kilocalories (100 g), Rainbow sushi already contains 85 kilocalories, sushi and tuna rolls contain more than 90 kilocalories, with salmon about the same. The simplest sushi with cucumber or avocado are the most dietary, their calorie content is about 46 kcal.
    • Famous California rolls contain 90 kilocalories per 100 grams.
    • The most high-calorie rolls are considered to be various tempura rolls (in batter), baked rolls. These sushi contain more than 200 kilocalories.

    Of course, if sushi was cooked hot, with the addition of various sauces, then their caloric content will increase.

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