• How many coins do they weigh?

    Elena Shchugoreva
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    How many coins do they weigh?

    Every day we carry a lot of coins in purses, bags, pockets, and we don�t even notice that in fact our coins weigh a lot! Of course, they do not drag us off our shoulder like a bag, but, nevertheless, it is very interesting, how many coins do they weigh?

    It turns out that coins for their "life" can change the weight. If the coin is very worn out, then it becomes easier. And if anything, sorry, stuck, or a dirty bloom appeared on it, then it becomes heavy. But the average weight of all the coins is known, and we now give these data.

    The smallest coin in 1 kopeck weighs 1.47 grams. It is followed by a coin of 5 kopecks and its weight is almost twice as much - 2.55 grams. The next worthy coin is 10 kopecks, it is of two kinds. A coin with a smooth edge weighs 1.87 grams, and with a serrated edge - 1.95 grams. A 50 kopeck coin also has two kinds, smooth is easier - 2.8 grams, jagged weighs 2.92 grams. Finally, we got to the more or less significant coins, they can already buy something. But how much the ruble coin weighs has been measured by the mints for a long time. Normally, its weight is 3.24 grams. The two-ruble coin is even heavier - 5.13 g.Five rubles weighs already 6.5 grams. To answer the question, how much does a 10-ruble coin weigh, you need to know what it is - ordinary or jubilee? Plain is smaller in size and in weight - 5.65 grams. It's even lighter than a penny a whole gram! But the commemorative coin of 10 rubles - the record for weight, in it - 8.2 grams!

    It should be noted that in different years there were different standards for the weight of coins, so they can vary in weight not only because of old age, but also depending on the year of release.

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