• How many flies live?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    May 15, 2012
    How many flies live?

    Flies are ubiquitous insects, carriers of cholera, disintegration, typhoid, and helminths. We often meet in life with flies, but the majority have no idea about how many flies live.

    Like other insects, flies do not live long. The average life span of a fly is 3 weeks. Flies are highly dependent on the ambient temperature. The optimum temperature for them is room: 20-23 degrees. At this temperature, the fly can live up to two months. However, most flies do not live up to ten days of age and become food for predators. Such a short period is compensated by the ugly-high reproductive ability. One fly in its short life lays up to two thousand larvae. The larva of the fly develops 25 days, after which it turns into a pupa. Three days later, a fly is born from the pupa, which, 36 hours after birth, is already able to reproduce. Thus, for the year gives way to twenty generations of flies.

    The life of the fly is extended if it hibernates for the winter. Then the fly can overwinter in a state of anabiosis, and with the onset of heat, warm up and come to life.

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