• How many languages ​​in the world?

    Julia Bukatova
    Julia Bukatova
    August 3, 2012
    How many languages ​​in the world?

    On the question of how many languages ​​there are in the world, the best linguistic minds of humanity thought and still could not find the only right answer.

    According to data published by UNESCO, there are 2,796 languages ​​in the world, but in fact there may be many times more! Such confusion is due to the fact that the boundaries between different dialects are rather blurred. Native Americans, for example, have about 700 different dialects, and each has a script. Some dialects are also divided into dialects.

    However, in order for a language to be preserved, at least 100,000 people must know it. Therefore, in recent years there has been a tendency for the dying of languages. On average, every two weeks one language dies. It is not surprising that the social policy of many states is aimed at the preservation and study of endangered languages.

    On the verge of extinction are the Liv, Manchu, Vod, and Orok languages. There are practically no speakers of Vepsian, Izhor and Udege languages ​​in Russia.At the same time, English, German, Arabic, Russian, French and Chinese are absolutely calm, because most of the world's inhabitants speak them.

    However, one should not forget that even recognized languages ​​are not always well studied. The most difficult to learn are Chinese, Arabic and Japanese. And the easiest - Spanish, Portuguese and French.

    It is impossible to determine for sure how many languages ​​are in the world at the moment.

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