• How many laws does Newton have?

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    How many laws does Newton have?

    The name of Isaac Newton, a talented physicist, mathematician and astronomer, has been known to many since childhood. He is the creator of classical basic physics and is famous for the discovery of several laws.

    Consider how many laws Newton has and what they are.

    Basic laws

    There are 3 basic laws, discovered by Isaac Newton:

    1. The law of inertia. Any body is in a state of rest or uniform rectilinear motion. This happens until any force is impacted on it. An elementary example can be brought from the life of any person. When running fast, it is impossible to stop abruptly, for this you need to brake with your feet or help yourself with foreign objects, for example, grab a standing tree or a pole with your hands.
    2. The second law is considered the basis of mechanics. He describes that there is a relationship between the force applied to the body and its acceleration. An excellent example is the American game with a bat and a ball. When a ball collides with a bat during a game, its speed depends on the strength of the blow.The larger it is, the greater the acceleration will move the ball. The same story is observed when playing volleyball. It depends on the strength of the palm strike whether the ball will fly over the net or not.
    3. Newton's third law states that for every action there is a reaction. As an example, we can cite an excerpt from Krylov's fable. It says that the swan, crayfish and pike decided to take the cart, but they could not move it. And the thing is that each of them tried to pull the cart in different directions. That is, they had an effect on one subject, but their directions were opposite.

    In addition to the main achievements of Newton include the open concepts: he founded the integral calculus, created a mirror telescope, substantiated the movement of the planets around the Sun and the moon around the Earth.

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