• How many ribs does a woman have?

    Elena Minkina
    Elena Minkina
    July 27, 2012

    For centuries, mankind believed that women have more ribs than men. And this myth is alive today. Low-educated people, who, unfortunately, are found in our life, still fully trust the biblical stories about the creation of women from the male side. And therefore, they are sure that men have less ribs.

    The scientific answer to the question of how many ribs a woman, as well as a man, was formulated in the XVI century by the father of anatomy Andrei Vesalie. Conducting the autopsy of male and female corpses, the scientist found that there are twelve pairs of ribs in the human skeleton. And the number of ribs does not depend on gender. In truth, people also have a thirteenth pair of ribs. But these edges are underdeveloped and represent rudimentary processes.

    About how many ribs in women and men can be read in any, even school textbook anatomy. But many people still continue to believe in the biblical legend of human origins.

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