• How many times feed a puppy?

    A dog is not only the best friend, but also a big responsibility, especially if this dog is a small one. It is necessary not only to walk the pet in time, to entertain, to monitor its cleanliness, but also to feed it properly. In this article we will talk about how many times you need to feed a puppy.

    This question is not so simple, there is no consensus on how many times to feed a puppy. Feeding depends on the following factors:

    1. Age and size of the dog.

    2. Pet lifestyle.

    3. Personal preference and breed puppy.

    4. Recommendations of the veterinarian.

      Why is it so important to monitor the nutrition of the dog, especially the puppy? What a dog eats, just like people, affects its health at all levels. Sometimes the choice of the menu for a pet should be taken more carefully than on its own. But first things first.

    Age and size of the dog

    Pay special attention to eating a puppy in the first year of life. It is during this period that the dog's body forms, bones and hair grow. If you feed the puppy with bad food and rarely, he may have malformed paws, bones will be weak, the coat will be dull, and the dog will be lethargic and inactive.

    Puppies between the ages of 1.5 and 2 months are fed every 3 hours 6 times a day.When a puppy reaches 2-3 months of age, the number of meals is reduced to 5 times, but the portions themselves increase.

    At 4-5 months, the puppy should be fed 4 times a day, 6-7 - 3 times, and upon reaching 12-14 months - 2 times a day, like an adult dog. This form of food should be maintained throughout the life of the dog.

    After the end of the meal, remove the empty bowl, and in its place put a new one, but with water.

    Pet's lifestyle

    The more active the dog, the more often or more it must be fed. If a puppy or a dog walks a lot, plays, often runs, then you need to feed a little more than usual in the norm. If the dog likes to sleep a lot, he moves slowly, walks a little, and in order to avoid overfeeding, he should be fed a little less than the above norms.

    Feeding behavior

    To understand whether you feed the dog well, you can by its appearance and behavior. She should look healthy and moderately well-fed. Also observe the behavior of the dog during feeding. If she normally and calmly eats the offered food, and then calmly moves away from the bowl, everything is all right, you feed the pet correctly.

    If the dog quickly eats up the contents of the bowl, and then licks the container for a long time and does not move away from it, you give insufficient food. Increase either the volume of servings or the number of meals.

    If the dog is sluggish, reluctant and leaves a lot of food in the bowl, you either overfeed it or the pet is sick. Reduce the amount of food for the dog and go to the vet with her.

    Veterinarian and canine councils

    To understand how many times to feed a puppy, you will be helped by an experienced veterinarian. Choose a good specialist and come to his appointment with the dog. Let the doctor examine the dog, and after that either give you the necessary recommendations, or you can ask all the questions you are interested in. Also tips on eating a puppy can give a good canine.

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