• How many years did the centenary war last?

    Lyudmila Fedotova
    Lyudmila Fedotova
    August 31, 2014
    How many years did the centenary war last?

    Any educated person has heard of such a war as the Hundred Years' War. Many even know that France and England participated in it. However, not everyone will be able to accurately answer the question of how many years the Hundred Years War lasted. Indeed, in reality, the confrontation did not have such a beautiful period, it was rounded, and in a smaller direction. In fact, the conflict lasted from 1337g. in 1453, thus, the Hundred Years War lasted 116 years.

    Stages of war

    Meanwhile, the term “Hundred Years War” is a generic term for a series of hostilities:

    • 1337-1360 - the Edwardian War;
    • 1369-1389 g. - The Caroline War;
    • 1415-1429 - Lancaster War;
    • 1429-1453 - the final turning point, thanks to the leader of the French army, Jeanne d'Arc.

    The reason for the beginning of the confrontation was the claims of the ruling dynasty of England to the throne of France. In addition, the British sought the return of possessions formerly belonging to the English crown. Initially, the British were in the lead in this conflict, but in the end they were still unable to realize their plans.

    The outcome of the war

    According to the results of the Hundred Years War, England lost control over almost all the lands belonging to it in France. The exception is the port city of Calais. At the same time, a formal peace treaty between the warring countries was signed only in 1475.

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