• How much is a letter in Moscow?

    Natalya Pashchenko
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    How much is a letter in Moscow?

    Despite the fact that there is now a lot of correspondence in electronic form, mail services are still in demand. And, of course, the most important question that interests both senders and recipients is the timing of the delivery of correspondence.

    How much is a letter in Moscow established by the Government of the Russian Federation on March 24, 2006 �160 and is 2 days, as well as inside other cities of Russia.

    But how much is a registered letter in Moscow, or rather, when the addressee receives it, depends on whether it will be in place when the letter is brought. Deliver it should also, as well as simple, for 2 days. Hand over registered letters to the addressee personally or to his authorized representative against the signature in a special journal. If there is no recipient on the spot, then they leave a notice asking them to pick up the correspondence at the post office, and it will depend on him when he receives this letter. If within 30 days the letter is not picked up, then it will be returned to the sender.

    Unfortunately, it happens that the letters go longer than approved by the decree. Real delivery time is 3-5 days.Very often the sender himself delays the processing time of his letter, forgetting to write an index, confusing the streets with lanes, and they are in big cities with the same name. Of course, the usual human factor cannot be excluded. The sorting of letters is a laborious process, although it is already largely automated.

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