• How much is customs clearance from Belarus?

    Alexey Tamonov
    Alexey Tamonov
    January 15, 2013
    How much is customs clearance from Belarus?

    To answer the mysterious question about how much and how much is customs clearance from Belarus, you must first learn about the new provisions in the legislation of the Customs Union.

    Since 2013, in accordance with the CU Agreement of 06/18/2010, regulating within the Union, the procedure for the circulation of goods for personal use, the payment of the difference between customs clearance of a car in Belarus and Russia registered in the Republic of Belarus in the period 01.2010-06 is canceled. But the car imported into the Republic of Belarus until January 2010 and after July 2011 was not previously taxed.

    So, asking about how much it costs to get customs clearance for a car from Belarus, you need not worry - there is no need to pay customs duties. But, it is necessary to pay attention to a few more nuances that are important when buying a car from Belarus. In accordance with the Decree of the Russian Government dated October 12, 2005 N609, from 2014, the 5th environmental class is put into effect for vehicles put into circulation in the Russian Federation.This means that with the onset of 2014 for a car older than 2009, the TCP will not be issued anymore. If you expected to purchase a high-quality car of foreign assembly and for little money, then there is very little time left. The only thing that needs to be paid is the utilization fee.

    Remember! Now there are many scammers who claim that:

    • Euro-5 introduced in 2013 and offering services for the preparation of relevant certificates;
    • it is necessary to pay duties for cars imported into the Republic of Belarus in 2010-2011, and ready to check the date of importation of the vehicle.

    We will not list their sites, but one thing is clear that they offer paid services for solving non-existent issues.

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